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¡Aquí Estamos!: Latinx Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Latinx art is an integral yet thus far significantly under-recognized part of American art. The MFAH understands “Latinx art” as work produced by artists of Latin American descent who were born or are active in the United States. This includes but is not limited to those who identify as Chicana/o, Puerto Rican/Nuyorican, Mexican American, Dominican American, Cuban American, as well as others born in Central, South America, or the Caribbean who have made the United States their country of residence. Despite Latinx artists’ critical contributions to U.S. art histories, their work has not benefitted from the same level of representation and visibility as their peers in mainstream arts institutions or university classrooms. The MFAH and the ICAA are working to address this erasure via ¡Aquí Estamos!: Latinx Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. This multi-year, institution-wide initiative aims to transform this emergent field by opening critical pathways for the study and exhibition of Latinx art and artists within a major encyclopedic museum. 

¡Aquí Estamos! will provide hands-on training for future museum and research professionals focused on Latinx art by placing fellows in Museum departments, including Curatorial, Conservation, Learning and Interpretation, and the ICAA. Mentored by key MFAH staff, emerging professionals and scholars will participate in an array of projects, including: 

  • researching artworks in the MFAH collection and works being considered for acquisition;  
  • assisting with exhibition-related research and preparation;  
  • performing conservation studies, documentation, and/or related research;  
  • conducting oral histories or creating written documentation of collection objects;  
  • assisting with various object interpretation modes for museum audiences;  
  • working with partner organizations on the collection and digitization of documents for the ICAA Latinx Papers Project

Fellows will benefit from the unique and unprecedented opportunity to engage in the deep study of Latinx art with a cohort of ¡Aquí Estamos! fellows. Opportunities for collaboration and professional development will be facilitated by regular project meetings, workshops centered on critical issues in the field, and collaborative projects ranging from the development of collection object studies, interpretative materials, public programs, and/or publications.

A component of the larger ¡Aquí Estamos! initiative, the ICAA Latinx Papers Project seeks to significantly expand the representation of Latinx art within the groundbreaking Documents of Latin American and Latino Art digital platform. The Latinx Papers Project will focus on the preservation and dissemination of primary source materials —correspondence, manifestos, exhibition reviews, exhibition pamphlets, journal articles, etc.— that are critical to the field of Latinx art. A targeted selection of documents will be culled from key repositories across the United States. Participating ICAA Research Fellows will work with the ICAA headquarters and with partner repositories in Texas, California, Washington D.C., the Midwest, and the greater New York region to digitize, research, annotate, and publish thousands of additional documents to the Documents Project site.


Key to the ¡Aquí Estamos! initiative are emerging researchers who are well-positioned to make a significant contribution to this initiative and the field at large. Research fellowship opportunities recognize the importance of early career exposure to curatorial, conservation, and museum interpretation practices as well as archival and primary source research in cultivating the next generation of scholars and curators in the field of Latinx art.  


Fellowships are offered to students at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels depending on the specifications of the individual position. Full-time and part-time positions are available.  

Please note that all applicants must reside and be eligible to work in the United States. Consult each fellowship description for additional eligibility requirements and fellowship terms. 

How to apply: 

The deadline to apply has been extended to May 3rd, 2024. Application materials should be submitted via MFAH Careers. Notifications will be sent by May 24th

Click on the links below to learn more about each fellowship and for further instructions.

*Applicants are encouraged to apply for more than one fellowship opportunity if qualified. 

Questions? Please contact  


Fellowship Descriptions 

2024-26 Post-Doctoral Curatorial Research Fellow, Latinx Art (2 yrs, full-time) 

2024-26 Conservation Fellow, Latinx Art (2 yrs, full-time) 

2024-25 Interpretative Fellow, Latinx Art (1 yr, part-time)  

ICAA Latinx Papers Project 

2024-26 ICAA Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (2 yrs, full-time)

2024-26 ICAA Research and Metadata Development Fellow (2 yrs, full-time) 

2024-25 ICAA Research Fellow (Texas) (1 yr, part-time) 

2024-25 ICAA Research Fellow (California) (1 yr, part-time)

*Student Field Researcher positions are open to students currently enrolled in undergraduate or MA programs AND reside near our collaborating repositories. Applications for field researchers will open on an as-need (rolling) basis throughout 2024-25. Check back here or on the ICAA’s Instagram for updates. 

¡Aquí Estamos! Latinx Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and the ICAA Latinx Papers Project receive generous funding from:

The Mellon Foundation

The Terra Foundation for American Art

Two partnership logos: The Mellon Foundation and The Terra Foundation for American Art 

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