Constructed Dialogues: Selections from the Latin American Collection (Now on view)

The Nancy and Rich Kinder Building is dedicated to the Museum’s international collections of modern and contemporary art. The soaring spaces feature displays that span media encompassing painting and sculpture, design, video, and immersive installations. 

Featured within the second floor galleries is Constructed Dialogues: Selections from the Latin American Collection, which brings together the outstanding production of key avant-garde groups and independent artists active in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, and Venezuela between the 1920s and today. Arranged in stimulating juxtapositions that cut across time and place, the works on display actively dialogue with the theoretical and artistic legacy of international Constructivism. 
The exhibition marks the first permanent installation of Latin American art at the MFAH.

The ICAA Documents Project at the Kinder Building

To accompany the exhibition, the ICAA collaborated with the Hirsch Library, MFAH to organize a display of rare materials drawn from the Library’s exemplary collections related to Latin American art.

In order to provide a richer, more interactive approach to the display of archival materials, the ICAA has developed a series of digital interactives that bring the Documents Project into the galleries for the first time. These archival experiences are further complemented by two videos (Bicho and Lines), also produced by the ICAA, that provide further context for the works on view. Explore these materials and more via tablets in the galleries or from anywhere in the world using your mobile device.