ICAA Record ID: <p>Among the vanguard groups emerging in Argentina that experimented with the mass media, the initiative of a nucleus of artists and theorists, who, in 1966, intended to create a “new gender,” stands out. They call it “Arte de los medios de comunicación de masas” [Mass media art]. The founding public declaration of this group,—made  up by Eduardo Costa (1940–), Roberto Jacoby (1944–) and Raúl Escari—is recognized today as a crucial manifesto that marks the beginnings of Conceptual art, not only in Argentina, but also in the rest of the world.</p> <p>This is the text published by the artists mentioned above, upon the release of their first work, known as <em>El Antihappening </em>[The Anti-happening]. </p>×
  • Un arte de los medios de comunicación
    Costa, Eduardo; Escari, Raúl; Jacoby, Roberto
    Archivo de Roberto Jacoby, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    A partir de la idea (bastante avanzada para la época) de que los medios de comunicación construyen acontecimientos, quien(es) suscribe(n) deciden informar —mediante gacetillas, fotos trucadas y testimonios apócrifos— [...]
    ICAA Record ID:750362