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  • Artistas e iniciados en la obra de Orozco
    Ramírez, Fausto
    In this lengthy article, Fausto Ramírez discusses the importance of paying attention to the creative work of men of art and science as one contemplates the future of the world, as was done at the New School for Social Research (1930). This topic was [...]
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  • Prometeo : el fresco de Pomona
    The author of this article mentions that the poet José Juan Tablada has written about the powerful reaction to José Clemente Orozco’s mural in the United States. According to the article, this work of art is ushering in a period of greater [...]
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  • Mexicanos en el extranjero : J. Juan Crespo de la Serna
    This article is an autobiographical sketch by Jorge Juan Crespo de la Serna in which he relates his adventures in the world as a sailor, diplomat and bohemian in the art academies of Vienna, Paris and Berlin, as well as an interpreter, journalist, [...]
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  • Prometeo : el fresco de Pomona
    Aragón Leiva, Agustín
    The article explains that José Clemente Orozco was becoming known in the United States as a result of exhibitions of his work in New York galleries and as a designer of book illustrations. The writer also notes that the Spanish intellectual José [...]
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