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  • En la línea de la expresión mas dura
    Oliver, Samuel
    This document analyzes the exhibition “Arte Abstracto, del arte figurativo al arte abstracto” [Abstract Art: from figurative art to abstract art], organized by the Belgian critic Léon Degand and presented at the Instituto de Arte Moderno of [...]
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  • III. Georges Vantongerloo
    Huberman, Beatriz
    Critics saw that Georges Vantongerloo sympathized with both romanticism and rationalism, but he eventually resorted to mathematics to arrive at the principle of universal unity with which he tried to express boundless beauty. Beatriz Huberman wrote [...]
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  • II. Piet Mondrian
    Bayón, Damián
    In this document Damián Bayón analyzes the different periods of the work and thought of Piet Mondrian. He believes that in his search for balance, this Dutch artist adopted the right angle as the only constant relation. At the same time, and so [...]
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  • Originalidad e invención
    Cabrera, Sarandy
    In this essay, Sarandy Cabrera focuses on modern art’s quest for originality when he criticizes the artists of the Madí group, blaming them for introducing a cold, mathematical, and cerebral kind of art. However,Cabrera also points out that, [...]
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