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  • Voces y formas para Chile. poemas ilustrados para el pueblo chileno
    Due to the exceptional circumstances at the time—the military coup d’état that had taken place in Chile—this newsletter marks a departure from previous formats. It expresses the center’s democratic solidarity with the [...]
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  • El arte suramericano capta el cambio del mundo, mientras el de Europa ha caído en lo decorativo y el de los Estados Unidos es muy literario
    Ratto Ciarlo, José, 1904-1997
    In this interview with Paul Keeler, director of Signals gallery in London, the journalist Ratto-Ciarlo asks him about the differences he sees among European, Latin American, and North American art in the mid-1960s. Keeler says he is determined to [...]
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  • Ubicación intelectual de Figari
    Methol Ferré, Alberto, 1929-2009
    This brief article by Alberto Methol Ferré, published in 1960, provides the first indications of a specific change in the painter Pedro Figari’s philosophy. For decades his fame as a painter had largely obscured his philosophical thinking. In this [...]
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  • La experiencia estética como expresión y creación de formas
    Oyarzún, Luis, 1920-1972
    In this essay Luis Oyarzún shares his tenets about art, describing it in aesthetic terms as an artistic experience that can be translated (via sensitive forms) in communication to express private or personal ideas. He suggests that self- [...]
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  • La Lira Popular y la tradición chilena del grabado en madera
    Millar, Pedro, 1930-2014
    In this essay, the printmaker Pedro Millar reflects on the lira popular [that is, printed poetic forms illustrated with singular woodcuts], a Chilean folk tradition, as the antecedents to wood engraving in Chile. Accompanying the article was an [...]
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  • Enrique Lihn, en el trazo de Juan Emar
    Risco Neira, Ana María, 1968-
    This article by Ana María Risco was included in her book Crítica situada. It was originally written as an academic thesis in which she explored the network of authors with whom Enrique Lihn communicated in the field of the visual arts. [...]
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  • Texto legible y texto visible
    Miscellaneous articles and references to art in Chile during the Pinochet dictatorship (1973–89). The publication provides quotes from multiple sources, including members of the Chilean art world at the time and their theoretical-literary [...]
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  • Sobre arte y política (1)
    Muñoz, Gonzalo, 1956-
    Gonzalo Muñoz, one of the contributors to Ruptura, a magazine published by the art action group C.A.D.A. (Colectivo Acciones de Arte), produced this poetic-visual document. The text is divided into six parts and is based on a first-person [...]
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