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  • Manifesto do Grupo Verde de Cataguazes
    Rezende, Henrique Vieira de; Quatorzevoltas, Ascânio Lopes, 1906-1929; Fusco, Rosário, 1910; César, Guilhermino, 1908-; Soares, Camilo, 1909-; Peixoto, Francisco Inácio, 1909-; Fonte-Boa, Christóphoro; Mendes, Martins; Abritta, Oswaldo
    This is the text of the manifesto published by the Grupo Verde, a group from the small town of Cataguazes, in the region of Minas Gerais. It was originally printed on green paper, like a newsletter about the work of the members: Verde: revista mensal [...]
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  • A hora presente
    Lopes, Ascânio, 1906-1929
    In his essay “A hora presente,” Ascânio Lopes Quatorzevoltas blames the belligerence in the world for the habit of viewing foreigners as enemies, and for the rampant nationalist anger in Europe and the United States. In his opinion those [...]
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