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  • [El concepto "arte artificial"]
    This newsletter, published in June 1973, announced the opening of an exhibition of computer art at the CAYC. Continuing the research into the connection between art and technology that the center had been conducting since 1969, this article describes [...]
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  • Actividades próximas
    An article in this newsletter lists the exhibitions that the CAYC organized in 1972. The list includes events held at the center’s premises as well as those that were presented at the local and international institutions with which the CAYC [...]
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  • Grupo Buenos Aires en Chicago
    This article announces the opening of a new exhibition of works by the group of Argentinean artists who took part in Arte y Cibernética—the first exhibition organized by the CAYC in 1969. This time their works were shown at the National [...]
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  • Exposición de arte no figurativo
    This is of the checklist of the groups included in the Exposición de arte no figurativo [Exhibition of Non-Figurative Art] (1960): they were Asociación de Arte no figurativo [Association of Non-Figurative Art], Arte Nuevo [New Art], Grupo Buenos [...]
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  • [El "Grupo Buenos Aires" que se presenta con esta muestra...]
    Noé, Luis Felipe
    Luis Felipe Noé begins with the notion that the artistic milieu in which he operates is still in formation, just as the artists of the Grupo Buenos Aires come together through their relation with the societal background. In his judgment, art is just [...]
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