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  • Marta Pérez, expresionismo de alto vuelo
    García Gutiérrez, Enrique
    The author states the artwork that Puerto Rican artist Marta Pérez García produced using the reduction process technique, is figurative, expressionist, symbolic, and is manifest of her concern for society, the environment, and the suffering of the [...]
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  • Marta Pérez deja huellas en Casa Candina
    García Gutiérrez, Enrique
    In this essay, Puerto Rican critic Enrique García Gutiérrez discusses the nine reduction woodcuts by Marta Pérez García included in the exhibition Huellas held at Casa Candina, San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1991. The author asserts that there is [...]
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  • La paradoja de Marta Pérez
    García Gutiérrez, Enrique
    Puerto Rican art critic Enrique García Gutiérrez comments on the drawings and prints that Marta Pérez García presented in 1999 at the exhibition Dibujos y grabados recientes held at the Galería Botello. García Gutiérrez explains that both [...]
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  • Marta Pérez Garcia
    Torres Martinó, José Antonio, 1916 - 2011
    Puerto Rican artist and critic José Antonio Torres Martinó (Ponce, Puerto Rico, born 1916) provides a brief analysis of the work of Puerto Rican artist Marta Pérez García on the occasion of her exhibition of prints at the Galería Botello in 1996 [...]
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  • La voz policromada de Marta Pérez García =The Polychromatic Voice of Marta Pérez Garcia
    Platon Lázaro, Lydia
    According to professor Lydia Platón, the use of color and attention to detail are two fundamental aspects of the work of Puerto Rican printmaker Marta Pérez García. Platón discusses Pérez García’s artistic vocabulary, placing emphasis on the [...]
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  • La XIII Bienal de San Juan y el momento actual de las artes gráficas
    García Gutiérrez, Enrique
    Enrique García Gutiérrez, Puerto Rican art critic, reflects on the public’s lack of interest in graphic art exhibitions. In his opinion, this disinterest is also a reflection of the problems associated with the acceptance of art in general in [...]
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