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  • El arte se hace en fotocopias
    García Canclini, Néstor
    Néstor García-Canclini interprets the Blueprints and Xerox copies series by León Ferrari, bringing to the fore Walter Benjamin’s concept of aura. García-Canclini is pointing out the obsessive and asphyxiating nature of Ferrari’s work and also [...]
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  • [¿Tiene el arte un lugar?...]
    García Canclini, Néstor
    Néstor García Canclini, the anthropologist, professor, and cultural studies theoretician, interprets León Ferrari’s blue-printed and photocopied works, using the “aura” concept that was proposed by Walter Benjamin. He also underscores the [...]
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  • León Ferrari inaugura hoy su exposición : ningún artista ha logrado reflejar, fuera de Argentina, la violencia de la represión.
    Malvido Arriaga, Adriana
    Adriana Malvido, the journalist, takes note of León Ferrari’s comments regarding the goals of his work. She also refers to the nexus between meaning and production, and mentions indeed the political situation in Argentina [...]
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  • Expone León Ferrari
    Alonso, Alejandro G.
    The critic refers to the defining features of Leon Ferrari’s work, mentioning both its extensive use of signs and its references to the alienation of modern life. The article, which has a distinctly political edge, mentions certain formal aspects [...]
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  • El arte tiene un peso político muy fuerte, que puede servir al poder o a las fuerzas que lo combaten : Ferrari
    Malvido Arriaga, Adriana
    Adriana Malvido interviews León Ferrari. They discuss the public’s reception of his work, the popularization of art, art and political systems, the political effectiveness of art and, finally, the Falkland Islands War [...]
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