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  • En el Museo gráfico del Hospital Larco Herrera de Magdalena del Mar
    More, Ernesto, 1897-1980
    This article about the Museo del Hospital Psiquiátrico Víctor Larco Herrera [Museum of the Victor Larco Herrera Psychiatric Hospital] (in Peru’s capital city) was written by Ernesto More, under the pseudonym “Jerome,” as part of a series on [...]
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  • De arte : un nuevo pintor peruano: Mario Urteaga
    Raygada, Carlos, 1898-1953
    In this text, art critic Carlos Raygada asserts that, though Mario Urteaga has never before shown his painting in the capital, his work is not that of a beginner. Raygada describes Urteaga as a self-taught artist who, because he began painting in the [...]
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  • La exposición Sabogal en el Country Club / Mercedes Gallagher de Parks
    Gallagher de Parks, Mercedes, 1883-
    This review, by the Peruvian essayist and art critic Mercedes Gallagher de Parks, is about the exhibition of work by José Sabogal at the Lima Country Club in 1940. The reviewer reproaches the artist, saying that “though he can paint magnificently [...]
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  • Um índio reinventa a pintura
    Chabloz, Jean-Pierre, 1910-1984
    After happening upon drawings used to decorate the walls of fishermen’s houses in Praia Formosa (Fortaleza, capital of the state of Ceará), Jean-Pierre Chabloz went out in search of the artist. Elementary, but genuine, was his opinion about the [...]
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  • [Anita Malfatti é uma colorista...]
    Andrade, Mário de, 1893-1945
    While researching feminine strokes in Anita Malfatti’s painting, Mário de Andrade discerns her impetuous nature, the masculine strength of her colors, and the tragic energy of her subjects, though he also glimpses hints of humor and sadness. He [...]
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  • Pintura, trópico e arte brasileira
    Barata, Mário
    In this lecture, given at the Seminário de Tropicologia de la Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife, in 1967, the art critic Mário Barata explores the connection between painting and certain tropical areas as one possible way of determining [...]
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  • O eterno em arte
    Monteiro, Vicente do Rêgo, 1899-1970
    The Brazilian artist Vicente do Rego Monteiro, who spent long periods living in France, establishes a difference between historical and modern art, mainly due to their “spiritual quality.” In his opinion, works such as the altarpiece in the [...]
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  • Etsedrón: una forma de violencia
    Amaral, Aracy A., 1930-
    In this text, Aracy Amaral considers the strong negative responses provoked by a work entitled Etsedrón in the 1975 (XIII) São Paulo Biennial. She argues that this work provoked such responses because of its visceral power and because it is [...]
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  • Indagación: ¿qué debe ser el arte americano?
    Enríquez, Carlos
    In this text, Carlos Enríquez responds to the question that the editors of revista de avance posed to their readers: “What should American art be?” He specifically addresses each of the four sub-questions grouped under this larger question. In [...]
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  • [La teoria de nuestra labor docente puede muy bien fundarse...]
    Díaz de León, Francisco
    This essay, written by Francisco Díaz de León, director of the Escuela de Pintura al Aire Libre [Open-Air Schools of Painting] in Tlalpan, explains that the Schools favor an aesthetic education and individual expression over technical education. He [...]
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  • Amerique Latine
    Andrade, Mário de, 1893-1945
    Mário de Andrade reviews Amérique Latine, the book by the French sociologist André Siegfried, criticizing the author’s method which, in de Andrade’s view, takes a far too general approach that fails to grasp the complexities of this particular [...]
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  • Uma estética da fome
    Glauber Rocha
    Cinema Novo director Glauber Rocha forcefully presents this article about “hunger” as the “nerve” of Latin American society. The fact of its strong sentiment makes it seem less inevitable. In Europe, cultural work that emerges from the [...]
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  • Aborigines of the western world
    Fusco, Coco; Gómez-Peña, Guillermo
    In this essay published in the exhibition catalog, Remerica! Amerika, artists Coco Fusco and Guillermo Gomez-Peña contend that the origins of dada events and performance art date back to the 1500s when native peoples from Africa and the Americas [...]
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  • Tres llamamientos de orientación actual a los pintores y escultores de la nueva generación americana
    Siqueiros, David Alfaro
    Based in a progressive perspective, in a future with an “increasingly superior” art, the declaration that David Alfaro Siqueiros wrote in Barcelona sought to facilitate the incorporation of certain elements of the American continent into avant- [...]
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  • Notas a lapis sobre um pintor indiferente
    Freyre, Gilberto, 1900-1987
    Gilberto Freyre describes his visit to the visual artist Vicente do Rego Monteiro’s studio in Paris. Freyre acknowledges the artist’s talent and independence, and disagrees with the “Futurist” label with which he has been tagged by the [...]
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  • O antropofago
    Andrade, Carlos Drummond de, 1902-1987
    Writer Carlos Drummond de Andrade wrote this tribute to Oswald de Andrade, “the poet of anthropophagy,” shortly after his death in 1954. According to the author, Oswald’s cultural philosophy based on the notion of “anthropophagy” puts forth [...]
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  • A reabilitação do primitivo
    Andrade, Oswald de, 1890-1954
    In this communiqué-style essay written in Rio de Janeiro, Oswald de Andrade calls for the axiological rehabilitation of primitive man—understood as the communities or people that lived on this continent before the Eurocentrically-named & [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 784450

  • A lingua tupy - Plinio Salgado
    Salgado, Plínio, 1895-1975
    Questioning the exhaustion of Western civilization (specifically the European version), and basing his arguments on the psychoanalytic theory of Sigmund Freud—who wrote about the social life of primitive peoples in his book Totem and Taboo— Plí [...]
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  • [Letter] 1928 May 20, São Paulo [to] Augusto Meyer
    Andrade, Mário de, 1893-1945
    This [document] by Mário de Andrade is a reply, dated May 20, 1928, to the letter in which Augusto Meyer discussed the former’s controversial activity, conscience, and references to national subject matter. De Andrade outlines his intellectual [...]
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  • [Sem data]
    Andrade, Mário de, 1893-1945
    This document is a reply by Mário de Andrade to the poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade, dated November 22, 1924. In it, de Andrade voices his opposition to what he considers to be the false binomial that distinguishes national from universal criteria, [...]
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  • Tarsila
    Andrade, Mário de, 1893-1945
    The Brazilian art critic Mário de Andrade reviews São Paulo and Morro da Favela [Shanty Town Hill], two of the paintings that were presented at the first solo exhibition of work by Tarsila do Amaral (in São Paulo, 1929). In de Andrade’s opinion [...]
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  • Primitivos
    Andrade, Mário de, 1893-1945
    In this essay, the writer and researcher in the field of Brazilian music and folklore Mário de Andrade discusses the confusion surrounding the term “primitive” which, in his opinion, is being incorrectly used by art critics. He therefore “only [...]
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  • Manifesto Pau-Brasil
    De Andrade, Oswald
    This manifesto by Oswald de Andrade suggests that Brazilian art and literature should take positions vis-à-vis European culture that would privilege the cultivation of invention and an illogical, “agile and candid” attitude. The duty of the [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 781051

  • Manifesto antropofago
    De Andrade, Oswald
    A manifesto in which the writer Oswald de Andrade proposes the notion of anthropophagy as a possible paradigm on which to build a Brazilian cultural identy. From that point of view, he emphasizes a “pre-logical mindset” and a return to “natural [...]
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  • Culturas latinoamericanas : ¿culturas de la repetición o culturas de la diferencia?
    Richard, Nelly
    Nelly Richard ponders the state of contemporary art in Latin American cultures, both in terms of its circulation and regarding its frame of references. She wonders whether international themes and subjects are repeated at a local level or whether new [...]
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  • [Son las condiciones materiales de la sociedad, las que condicionan las superestructuras ideológicas]
    Arden Quin, Carmelo, 1913-
    An analytical piece in which Carmelo Arden Quin uses dialectical materialism to explain the transition from representation to the phase of “invention” and pure creation in art [...]
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