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  • A urgência de uma filosofia da fotografia
    Flusser, Vilém, 1920-1991
    In this text, Vilém Flusser upholds the philosophy of photography as necessary for reflection on how to live freely in a world programmed by devices. Flusser’s approach delves into photography as praxis in an attempt to understand the medium. In [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1111089

  • Masculino e feminino
    Matos, Olgária C. F.
    In this text, Olgária Matos discusses the parameters of what is masculine and what is feminine, starting with the theoreticians collectively known as the Frankfurt School (Theodor W. Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, and Max Horkheimer). In the writer’s [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1111231

  • Mensagem ao antropófago desconhecido
    Andrade, Oswald de, 1890-1954
      In this text, Oswald de Andrade updates the “Manifiesto Antropófago” (1928), suggesting new ways in which to associate it with contemporary philosophical ideas. In a parody of Hamlet’s existential question (“ [...]
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  • The invention of America, an inquiry into the Historical nature of the New World and the Meaning of its History
    O'Gorman, Edmundo, 1906-1995
    In these texts, Edmundo O’Gorman analyzes the historiography of America, and, in the process, argues that the idea of America has been an invention of history. In “Part 1,” he traces the considerable efforts by historians to uphold Columbus as [...]
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