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  • Al País
    Prevosti, Carlos, 1896-1955; Michelena, Bernabé 1888-1963; Mazzey, Luis, 1895-1983; Castellanos Balparda, Leandro; De Simone, Alfredo
    This is the public statement made by Uruguayan artists who rejected the invitation to submit their works to the Primer Salón Nacional de Bellas Artes and called for an exhibition that had nothing to do with the government. Their main argument was [...]
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  • Declaración de principios de la Unión de Plásticos
    Confederación de Trabajadores Intelectuales del Uruguay
    The declaration of principles of the Visual Arts Union were in fact taken and inscribed from the general declaration of the C.T.I.U. (Confederación de Trabajadores Intelectuales del Uruguay [Confederation of Intellectual Workers of Uruguay]). This [...]
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  • Invitación a la U. de Plásticos
    This document invites the Unión de Artistas Plásticos (UAP), a division of the Confederación de Trabajadores Intelectuales del Uruguay (C.T.I.U.), to the Exposición Internacional de Artes Plásticas Revolucionarias, an event organized by the [...]
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  • 1er Salón Independiente, la UAPU y la CNBA
    Aroztegui, Joaquín, 1943-
    This article published in El Mate journal in 1967 supports the stance embraced by a group of artists in Uruguay who, thirty years earlier, had decided not to submit work to the Primer Salón Nacional de Artes Plásticas during the dictatorship of [...]
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  • La UAPU y la creación del salón oficial
    Grupo Toledo Chico (Canelones, Uruguay)
    This article is the fruit of research carried out by the journal El Mate on the founding, in 1935, of the Unión de Artistas Plásticos del Uruguay (UAPU)—the first union of visual artists in the country—and on its quick demise due to severe [...]
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