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  • [Los públicos pueden "mirar" muy fácilmente a la pintura y gustarla...]
    Ospina, Marco, 1912-1983
    This text, written by Marco Ospina, was included in the catalog for the Exposición de pinturas de Armando Villegas en la Galería El Callejón (Bogotá, 1955). Along with the text is a list of the paintings that made up that show. In his article, [...]
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  • Exposición de mujeres anónimas : en la Galería "El Callejón"
    The Bogotá newspaper El Espectador published this interview with Saturnino Ramírez on the occasion of the exhibition—which it calls Mujeres anónimas (1973)—at Galería El Callejón, also in Bogotá. After a brief description of the artist’s [...]
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  • Circunstancias : la pintura de Wiedemann
    Holguín, Andrés
    In this article, writer and poet Andrés Holguín discusses the series of watercolors that Guillermo Wiedemann exhibited at El Callejón gallery in Bogotá in 1957. Holguín appreciates Wiedemann’s consistent effort in the works he produced in [...]
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  • Cecilia Porras : una revelación artística
    Engel, Walter, 1908-2005
    In this text, the Austrian art critic based in Colombia, Walter Engel, discusses the exhibition by the painter, Cecilia Porras, at the gallery El Callejón in Bogotá (July 1955). Engel begins by remembering 1948 as an important year in terms of [...]
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