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  • ¿Realismo o abstraccionismo? : el problema de los espacios plásticos
    Vidales Jaramillo, Luis, 1900-1990
    In this article, poet and critic Luis Vidales expresses his position on the debate surrounding abstract and figurative art, a polemic central to Colombian art at the time. First, Vidales argues that certain concepts have been poorly defined in [...]
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  • A Luis Tejada, elegía humorística
    Rendón, Ricardo, 1894-1931
    In 1926, Ricardo Rendón produced a series of caricatures for “El jardín de los poetas” [The Garden of the Poets], a section of the Suplemento literario ilustrado [Illustrated Literary Supplement] of the Bogotá newspaper El Espectador. The [...]
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  • Charlas literarias : los conceptos de Luis Vidales sobre la actual cultura de Europa : las orientaciones de la juventud de la post-guerra : el panorama intelectual de Colombia : los nuevos
    In this interview, Colombian writer and critic Luis Vidales provides an overview of European cultural thought of the late 1920s. First, he discusses the debate between nationalism and internationalism in the sphere of culture in order to flesh out [...]
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  • El Automático : entre la literatura y el arte
    Sarmiento, Camilo 1980-
    This article by the researcher Camilo Sarmiento, “El Automático, entre la literatura y el arte” [El Automático: Between Literature and Art] appeared in Café El Automático: arte, crítica y esfera pública [Café El Automático: Art, Criticism [...]
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  • La metodología del arte : una entrevista con Luis Vidales
    Zalamea, Jorge, 1905-1969
    In 1951, the weekly magazine Crítica published this interview with the Colombian poet Luis Vidales Jaramillo, in which the first two questions explore his teaching vocation, his historically and sociologically inspired methodology, and his [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1088833

  • La verdad en el arte : simpatías y diferencias
    Cardoza y Aragón, Luis
    In this article, the writer Luis Cardoza y Aragón reviews the Tratado de Estética [Aesthetics Treatise] by Luis Vidales Jaramillo, a few months after it was published. The Guatemalan author contextualizes Vidales Jaramillo’s work, describing its [...]
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  • Ni auge ni decadencia : desarrollo progresivo
    Moreno Clavijo, Jorge, 1921-
    In this article, artist and critic Jorge Moreno Clavijo contemplates the question of whether Colombian art is at its height or in a state of decline. To answer that question, he calls on artists Erwin Kraus, Gonzalo Ariza, Alipio Jaramillo, Luis [...]
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  • Una aproximación a la consolidación del arte moderno en Colombia
    Jaramillo, Carmen María, 1958-
    In this text, Colombian curator and art critic Carmen María Jaramillo discusses the contradictions and complexities surrounding the beginnings of modern art in Colombia. She places the emergence of modern art in the framework of the historical and [...]
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  • Vigor y optimismo en la pintura nacional : una polémica sobre pintura
    Echavarría, Rogelio
    This article by Colombian poet and journalist Rogelio Echavarría sparked a controversy on Colombian painting of the time and its role in a broader Latin American art.  The author begins by contextualizing the problem.  According to Echavarría, a [...]
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