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  • Mardonio Magaña
    Rivera, Diego, 1886-1957
    Diego Rivera writes a biography of Mardonio Magaña, who arrived in Mexico City at age 52. Magaña started to carve wood and stone while he worked as a waiter at La Casa del Artista, a branch establishment, part of the Escuela Nacional de Bellas [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 760397

  • Papel de la Escuela al Aire Libre
    Rivera, Diego, 1886-1957
    In 1945 Diego Rivera wrote an article in which he looked back approvingly at the Open-Air Schools that were founded in the 1920s. He disagrees with David Alfaro Siqueiros (who attended one of them), and José Clemente Orozco, who spoke disdainfully [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 734263