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  • Marta Traba : la vigilia por Puerto Rico
    Torres Martinó, José Antonio, 1916-2011
    Puerto Rican artist José A. Torres Martinó tells about the time Marta Traba spent in Puerto Rico (1970–71). He states that Traba was very knowledgeable about Latin American art and supported it “in the art forms that, from her point of view, [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 825018

  • Marta Traba : una mujer que nos vio como nosotros no nos hemos podido ver
    Fernández Zavala, Margarita
    The Puerto Rican historian Margarita Fernández Zavala describes what Marta Traba accomplished during the year and a half she spent in Puerto Rico. She stresses how important Traba was to her students, and explains how she critically reviewed, [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 805333

  • Marta Traba en el limbo
    Silva, Ludovico, 1937-1988
    Ludovico Silva, who had a philosophy background, refutes the thesis of Marta Traba of a “false apocalypse” when she rationalizes that Latin American artists were simulating hardships alien to their reality. According to Silva, the idea of [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 799323

  • Marta Traba inolvidable
    Torres Martinó, José Antonio, 1916-2011
    On the tenth anniversary of her tragic demise, Puerto Rican artist José A. Torres Martinó remembers art critic Marta Traba, who lived in Puerto Rico in the early 1970s; he bemoans the fact the she has not been duly remembered on the island. When [...]
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  • Marta Traba
    Agosín, Marjorie
    Marjorie Agosin, a North American Latin Americanist brought up in Chile, recalls how she met Marta Traba in the summer of 1979 when she was giving a class at Middlebury College (in Vermont). Traba, in Agosin’s view, was bold in her vision; she [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 824973

  • Max Pedemonte : aproximación al paisaje
    Niño Araque, William
    This curatorial text by William Niño Araque analyzes the exhibition Max Pedemonte: Muros, templos y ciudadelas (Caracas: Fundación Galería de Arte Nacional, 1994), presenting the work of the sculptor Max Pedemonte. The text is based on an earlier [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1163014

  • Mi respuesta a Marta Traba
    Otero, Alejandro, 1921-1990
    In this essay the painter Alejandro Otero once again discusses—and, for the second time, critiques—Marta Traba’s main arguments in her thesis about the eventual “depersonalization” of Latin American art as a result of its submissive [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 798967

  • Modernidade e identidade: as duas Américas Latinas, ou três, fora do tempo
    Amaral, Aracy A., 1930-
    The author of this essay, Aracy A. Amaral, mentions the importance of certain thinkers on the subject of Latin American art: Marta Traba, Ferreira Gullar, Luis Felipe Noé, Juan Acha, and Octavio Paz. In her opinion, “new” art feels obliged to [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 776159

  • Obregón en contexto
    Jaramillo, Carmen María, 1958-
    “Obregón en contexto” is the title of an essay by the art historian and critic Carmen María Jaramillo, written in 2001, that appeared in the book El mago del Caribe on the artwork of Alejandro Obregón. The essay includes a text by the writer [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1093096

  • Plástica y Prisma : dos revistas de arte de los años cincuenta
    Rodriguez Morales, Ricardo
    Ricardo Rodríguez Morales, the economist, writer, and author of many articles and essays on art and literature, analyzes and contextualizes the contents of two of the most important visual arts magazines in Colombia in the 1950s: Plástica and [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1131175

  • Primeras etapas de la abstracción en Colombia II
    Iriarte, María Elvira
    This is the second part of the article “Primeras etapas de la abstracción en Colombia II” [First Stages of Abstraction in Colombia II] that critic María Elvira Iriarte published in issue 23 of the Revista Arte en Colombia. In this text, she [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1079798

  • Programa de ciclos audiovisuales durante 1964
    This foldable brochure summarizes in list form the activities that took place at the Museo de Arte Moderno of Bogotá (MAM) in 1964, when it was directed by the art critic Marta Traba. The text contains seven headings, each of which is followed by a [...]
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  • Rigor y autenticidad
    Guevara, Roberto, 1932-1998
    In this article, the critic Roberto Guevara harshly rebuts the theses of Marta Traba, who argued in the mid-1960s that Latin American art had been “depersonalized” and contaminated by the “mimicry” of international art. Guevara, who felt the [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 799462

  • Tango y pintura
    Ariza, Gonzalo, 1912-
    Colombian artist Gonzalo Ariza defends the autonomy of Latin American art and the internationalization of culture in a column written in response to a text by Argentine art critic Marta Traba, published in the magazine Mito. In her text, Traba [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1129558

  • Tumbas : Juan Antonio Roda
    Traba, Marta
    The catalogue for the exhibition Tumbas (1963) by Juan Antonio Roda consists of a two-page leaflet; on the first page, which is fully illustrated, is the exhibition title and artist’s name. On the next page, there are four paragraphs written by the [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1092548

  • Un ícono de resistencia
    Anreus, Alejandro
    In this essay, Alejandro Anreus outlines the cultural and historical conditions that have influenced what he terms the “iconography of Latin America.” He emphasizes the role of U.S. cultural imperialism and exploitation in the development of a [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 809221

  • Una mirada a los orígenes del campo de la crítica de arte en Colombia
    Jaramillo Jiménez, Carmen María, 1958-
    This article, written by the journalist Fabián Forero Barón and published in the newspaper El Tiempo in Bogotá in December 2007, reviews the work of the urban group Colectivo Excusado Printsystem and its impact on the city since 2003. The article [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1094156

  • VII Salón Atenas : problemas políticos
    Aguilar, José Hernán, 1952-
    The critic, José Hernán Aguilar, reveals a confrontation in the Colombian art world, whose interests square off around the definition of “contemporary art,” using it as a warhorse. The writer asserts that “conservative” critics, artists and [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1098946