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  • Domingo se autorretrata
    Cherson, Samuel B.
    The Cuban critic based in Puerto Rico, Samuel Cherson, comments on forty years of work by the Puerto Rican painter, Domingo García. In an interview with Cherson, García explains the relationship of his work to the style known as “arte [...]
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  • Retrospectiva de Domingo García : una evolución plástica coherente y armónica
    Pérez-Lizano, Manuel
    Manuel Pérez Lizano, a Spanish critic who is based in Puerto Rico, comments on the retrospective exhibition of twenty-four oil paintings by the Puerto Rican artist, Domingo García. In the show, the viewer was able to see the different periods of [...]
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  • Entrevista a Domingo García por Mari Carmen Ramírez
    Ramírez, Mari Carmen, 1955-
    This document is an interview conducted by Mari Carmen Ramírez, the Puerto Rican curator who is based in the United States, with Domingo García, the artist. In the interview, García explains why, after mounting an exhibition of portraits entitled [...]
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  • El arte de Domingo García o los significados en fuga
    Rodríguez Juliá, Edgardo, 1946-
    The Puerto Rican writer, Edgardo Rodríguez Juliá, expresses his view of the early production of the painter, Domingo García, who created art “en el marco del nacionalismo cultural de la década del 1950” [in the context of the 1950s cultural [...]
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  • Destellos del yo : el narciso criollo
    Ramírez, Mari Carmen, 1955-
    The Puerto Rican curator, Mari Carmen Ramírez, who is based in the United States, analyzes over five decades of the work of the painter, Domingo García, using the self-portrait as her starting point. It is well-known that the artist executed [...]
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  • Los múltiples rostros de identidad: los íconos de Domingo García
    Ramírez, Mari Carmen, 1955-
    In the exhibition, Íconos de nuestra historia [Icons of Our History], the Puerto Rican artist Domingo García presented portraits of thirteen countrymen and women. In García’s opinion, these public figures were significant in the unfolding of the [...]
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  • Domingo García : "personajes del recuerdo"
    Sims, Lowery
    The American curator Lowery Sims—linked for several decades to The Metropolitan Museum of New York—highlights the interest expressed by Domingo García in painting portraits of people he knows. However, Sims notes that all the portraits executed [...]
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  • Domingo García
    The New York critic Peter Bloch states that the Puerto Rican artist, Domingo García, is interested in the color theory of the German poet, Johann Wolfgang Goethe. In the writer’s opinion, García’s self-portraits are the result of his use of all [...]
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  • Citas del ratón : ¿qué opinan de la crítica del arte en Puerto Rico?
    The editors of La voz del ratón [The Mouse’s Voice], a journal published by the Fundación Galería Latinoamericana, asked nine Puerto Rican artists what each one thought about art criticism on the island. The Puerto Rican artist, Marta Pérez, [...]
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  • [Domingo García nos ofrece...]
    Rodríguez Otero, Eladio
    In this short essay, the Puerto Rican attorney, Eladio Rodríguez Otero, comments on the work of Domingo García shown at a 1966 solo exhibition. The writer states that García’s work includes techniques that lead critics to characterize his [...]
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  • Pintores jóvenes montan exposición en Galería Campeche
    Cabrera, Alba Raquel
    The journalist, Alba Raquel Cabrera, comments on the exhibition of work by young artists at the Galería Campeche held in 1964. The idea for the exhibition—which included forty-three works created by seventeen artists—came from Domingo García, [...]
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  • La colección gráfica Esso de Puerto Rico
    In 1973, Andrew Stasik, director of the Pratt Graphic Center, assembled a collection of Puerto Rican prints later acquired by the Exxon Corporation, which also sponsored an exhibition of the collection that traveled to major cities in the United [...]
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