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  • Introduction
    García, Domingo, 1932-
    In this introductory essay to the exhibition catalogue of Islands: Art in Transit/Yslas: Arte en tránsito, the main question artist Domingo García asks and tries to decipher is how successfully Puerto Rican art has adapted to metropolitan art forms [...]
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  • Other Gifts to the Art Collection of the University of Puerto Rico
    In this press release, North American poet and educator Muna Lee de Muñoz Marín announces the works that have been donated to the Universidad de Puerto Rico (UPR), specifically a portrait of Juan José Osuna (interim rector of the UPR at the time) [...]
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  • Arte Nacional Puertorriqueño
    Quero Chiesa, Luis, 1911-
    The Puerto Rican educator Luis Quero Chiesa suggests that José Campeche’s painting contributes to Puerto Rico’s artistic tradition. In later years there were other artists?such as Juan Fagundo and Juan Cletos Noa who left their native Spain and [...]
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  • Notas en torno a la pintura puertorriqueña de Oller a los cuarenta
    Delgado Mercado, Osiris
    The Puerto Rican artist and art historian Osiris Delgado outlines the history of Puerto Rican painting, spanning the period that began with Francisco Oller (in the nineteenth century) and ended in the 1940s. Delgado recalls that early twentieth- [...]
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  • Huellas : avanzada estética por la liberación nacional
    Sánchez, Juan, 1954-
    Curator and artist Juan Sánchez compares colonialism to an epidemic that causes physical and mental harm. He maintains that the will of the Puerto Rican people to survive colonial oppression is manifested in their culture. Quoting from the writings [...]
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