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  • [Jorge Álvaro, en "gráficos argentinos 74"]
    This page of the newsletter, which includes a copy of a work by the Argentinean draftsman and printmaker Jorge Álvaro, was published as part of the campaign to promote Gráficos argentinos ‘74, the exhibition that the CAYC organized in [...]
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  • [From September 13th to October 19th]
    This newsletter, which is written in English, announces the opening of a new edition of Hacia un perfil del arte latinoamericano, the exhibition the CAYC presented at the International Exhibition at the Vleeshal in Middelburg, Netherlands, in [...]
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  • Bordeaux. Festival Sigma X
    This newsletter announces that a group of Argentinean artists will show their works at the tenth edition of the Sigma Festival in the city of Bordeaux, in southwestern France. The article provides a list of participating artists and includes pictures [...]
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  • Graphiciens du Rio de la Plata
    This newsletter announces an exhibition of works by Latin American artists. The event, entitled Gráficos del Rio de la Plata, was organized by the CAYC at the Galerie S:T Petri, in Lund, Sweden, in September 1975. This gallery had always had a [...]
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  • Crítica mordaz y frío realismo desde Argentina
    This newsletter includes a copy of an article by the art critic Harold Haydon from the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper, who reviews the exhibition Gráficos argentinos ’74 that was organized by the CAYC at the Illinois Bell Telephone Company& [...]
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  • Gráficos argentinos 74 illinois bell-chicago
    This newsletter announces the opening of the exhibition Gráficos argentinos ‘74, which was organized by the CAYC and installed in the exhibition rooms at the Illinois Bell Telephone Company in Chicago. The article includes a list of [...]
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