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  • Los años de la resaca
    Lama Mansur, Luis
     In this essay, Luis Lama Mansur discusses the period immediately after the military government led by General Juan Velasco Alvarado (1968–75), which he calls “the hangover years.” This period saw the loosening up of exports, the creation of [...]
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  • Pueblo y arte se dieron la mano en Contacta 72 : gran cita en el Parque de la Reserva
    This is a brief newspaper article written on the Festival Contacta 72 immediately after it closed. The text highlights the massive attendance of the event due to its artistic theme of “placing the man on the street directly in contact with the [...]
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  • Contacta 72 será una experiencia de significación
    This is the text of a brief interview with Francisco Mariotti, Luis Arias Vera, and Luis Zevallos, the artists who organized the Festival de Arte Total Contacta 72 in Lima. Mariotti and Arias Vera attempt to identify the major guidelines used for [...]
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  • Contacta 72 : arte libertario
    This is a report on the Contacta 72 festival that was organized by SINAMOS (Sistema Nacional de Apoyo a la Movilización Social) from July 26–30, 1972, during the military regime headed by General Juan Velasco Alvarado. The anonymous author [...]
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