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  • El Milagro del Prisma
    Dieste, Eduardo, 1881-1954
    This essay is a chapter from the book by Eduardo Dieste, Teseo, discusión estética y ejemplos, published in 1925. Many of the chapters were articles that were published since 1923 in the magazine produced by Teseo (Agrupación de Artistas y [...]
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  • El Drama de la Pintura
    Dieste, Eduardo, 1881-1954
    The essay “El drama de la pintura” is the first chapter of the book Teseo, Discusión estética y ejemplos, written by Eduardo Dieste, the Uruguayan essayist and playwright. In 1923, he helped to establish the group Teseo. In the before mentioned [...]
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  • Humberto Causa, otro pintor de la luz
    Dieste, Eduardo, 1881-1954; Dieste, Eduardo, 1881-1954
    The critic Eduardo Dieste discusses Humberto Causa’s work shortly after the latter’s death. Dieste associates the Uruguayan painter’s work with a movement of renewal—known as planista—that swept the country in the 1920s. This style, which [...]
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