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  • La pintura mural en Medellín : a propósito del fresco de la Caja Agraria
    Jiménez Gómez, Carlos
    The essayist Carlos Jiménez Gómez interviews Aníbal Gil and provides a detailed profile of the artist on the occasion of his latest mural at the Caja Agraria in the city of Medellín. Jiménez inquires about the “young maestro’s” artistic [...]
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  • Aníbal Gil, maestro del grabado
    This article introduces the exhibition of prints by the Colombian artist Aníbal Gil Villa at the Centro Coltejer in the city of Medellín, where he presented his “dimensiones especiales” series. This 1977 exhibition underscored the importance of [...]
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  • Aníbal Gil, pintor joven regresa de Italia
    Aguirre Quintero, Julio
    In 1957 Aníbal Gil Villa returned to Medellín after studying art in Italy, where he met other Colombians, including Enrique Grau and Fernando Botero. On his return he said: “I am not trying to paint in this or that style because I think that is a [...]
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  • Dora Ramirez vuelve más atrás sobre su pintura
    Cano, Ana María
    In this interview, painter Dora Ramírez discusses different aspects of her life and her training as an artist. A European professor who saw her work at the Instituto de Artes Plásticas gave her a piece of advice that spurred her to develop her work [...]
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  • El largo calvario del grupo Medellín : una pelea de pintores (1)
    Vallejo, Félix Angel
    In this first part of a long article, published in two installments, the artist and curator Félix Ángel charts the rise of the generation of Colombian artists who came to be known as the “Once antioqueños” [Eleven Antioquians] in a critical [...]
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