Creator: Ratto Ciarlo, José, 1904-1997×
  • [Pocas veces se habrá registrado en Venezuela...]
    Ratto Ciarlo, José, 1904-1997
    In this catalogue text, critic and essayist José Ratto-Ciarlo praises César Rengifo for his multifaceted work in painting; Rengifo was not only a painter, but also a playwright, journalist, and political activist. Ratto-Ciarlo analyzes the profound [...]
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  • En pro y en contra de Alejandro Otero
    Ratto Ciarlo, José, 1904-1997
    In 1949, the journalist José Ratto-Ciarlo outlined the exhibition of [work] by Alejandro Otero at the Museo de Bellas Artes de Caracas. The beginning of the outline and the two first subtitles (“Comprensión de Otero” and “La parte por el todo [...]
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  • Hombres bestializados o animales antromorfizados : los veremos hoy en la exposición del pintor Régulo Pérez
    Ratto Ciarlo, José, 1904-1997
    In this newspaper interview, José Ratto Ciarlo talks to the painter Régulo Pérez, eliciting his thoughts concerning Venezuelan artists exiled in Paris and other parts of the world, the total lack of a “Venezuelan art” as such, and Picasso’s [...]
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