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  • Artes populares peruanas
    Sabogal, José, 1888-1956
    In this article, José Sabogal discusses Peruvian traditional art, which in his opinion, is “the key point, in the Americas, where Hispanic America began. When indigenous cultural expressions were combined with the invasion of Mediterranean visual [...]
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  • Arte peruano : Camilo Blas
    Sabogal, José, 1888-1956
    This article by José Sabogal is about the recent work produced by the Indigenist painter Camilo Blas. The author discusses Blas’ two scenes of Cajamarca that are to decorate the new Salón de Palacio, which opened in 1924 in celebration of the [...]
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  • Sala de arte popular peruano en el Museo de la Cultura : selecciones de arte
    Sabogal, José, 1888-1956
    José Sabogal states that his commentary regards what occurred before the creation of the Museo de Artes Vernaculares, the latter being indispensable because they possess “holdings that are essential to this time, as they have been throughout all [...]
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  • Los mates burilados y las estampas del pintor criollo Pancho Fierro
    Sabogal, José, 1888-1956
    In this text, José Sabogal states that, upon their arrival, the Spanish were impressed by the architecture and art they found in America. They understood that “their fortunate victory could not be maintained if they did not consolidate it through [...]
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  • Pintura mural y Arequipa arquitectónica / José Sabogal
    Sabogal, José, 1888-1956
    In this speech, José Sabogal discusses the mural paintings and architecture of Arequipa, while summarizing the history of Peruvian art in the twentieth century. Both he and his followers sought “to interpret the landscape and expressions of its [...]
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  • Arquitectura peruana : la casona arequipeña
    Sabogal, José, 1888-1956
    This is an article by José Sabogal on the civil architecture of the Peruvian city of Arequipa. He highlights one of the most original constructive solutions of the Spanish during the colonial era. Given the lack of wood in the environment, the [...]
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  • Exposición-homenaje a la obra del pintor peruano Mario Urteaga, organizado por el Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo
    Sabogal, José, 1888-1956
    José Sabogal—in homage to the work of Mario Urteaga—recalls his first trip to Mexico (1924), when the revolution had created a favorable environment for artistic creation. At that same time, in Peru, “we likewise undertook the difficult and [...]
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  • [Letter] 1930 junio 25, Lima, [to] Antonino Espinosa Saldaña
    Sabogal, José, 1888-1956
    This is a letter that was sent by José Sabogal in response to his colleague, Antonino Espinosa Saldaña, who requested his opinion on the polemics surrounding the course on “Inca Art” that was being offered at the ENBA (Escuela Nacional de [...]
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  • Sabogal responde un interrogatorio
    Sabogal, José, 1888-1956
    This is the responses given by José Sabogal, the founder of the Peruvian indigenous painting movement, to a questionnaire on the cultural situation in Peru. He proclaims his faith in the idea of a purely Peruvian kind of art, since it embodies “ [...]
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  • En la Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes
    Sabogal, José, 1888-1956
    This article was published in January 1933 on the occasion of ENBA’s exhibition of paintings by Daniel Hernández, who was the first director of the Peruvian Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes [National School of Fine Arts], and by the school’s [...]
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  • La fuente de Arones
    Sabogal, José, 1888-1956
    In this text, José Sabogal, who is outraged, writes about a colonial fountain in the city of Cuzco that has been “savagely and mercilessly torn from its secular place.” That fountain, the painter explains, was “the people of Cuzco’s favorite [...]
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  • Mariano Florez, artista burilador de "mates" peruanos, murió en Huancayo : José Sabogal su admirador y amigo, le rinde homenaje
    Sabogal, José, 1888-1956
    In this text, José Sabogal contextualizes his description of the Sunday market in Huancayo, where inhabitants of villages in Junín and Ayacucho go to sell their crafts. He remarks on the work of Mariano Flórez, his engraved gourds in particular, [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1136695

  • Los 'mates' y el yaravi
    Sabogal, José, 1888-1956
    In "Los 'mates' y el yaraví," published in 1929 in the review Amauta, Peruvian artist José Sabogal describes the beauty of the Peruvian Andes as both picturesque and musical. Sabogal poetically depicts the typical sights and sounds of the Andes: [...]
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  • La cúpula en América
    Sabogal, José, 1888-1956
    This article was written by José Sabogal on the development of architecture in Latin America. Sabogal emphasizes the emergence of an art of construction with its own nuances after the Spanish conquest, when Western elements were combined with Native [...]
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  • Impresiones de mi visita a Estados Unidos de Norteamérica
    Sabogal, José, 1888-1956
    In this 1943 speech, delivered on “Radio Nacional”, José Sabogal praises the cultural and technological accomplishments witnessed on a recent trip to the United States, and argues that Peru needs to preserve its culture by building a museum for [...]
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  • La pintura mexicana moderna
    Sabogal, José, 1888-1956
    In this essay, José Sabogal praises the holdings of modern Mexican paintings from Moisés Saenz’s collection exhibited in Lima. He begins by emphasizing that many of the best artists of the Mexican revolution participated in the “intense [...]
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