Creator: Diehl, Gastón, 1912-×
  • Mateo Manaure
    Diehl, Gastón, 1912-
    In this text, French critic Gaston Diehl discusses the work of Venezuelan painter Mateo Manaure, specifically the group of works featured in the show Collages held at Galería Cuatro Vientos in 1954. Diehl praises the small and “humble” works in [...]
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  • Armando Reverón
    Diehl, Gastón, 1912-
    Starting with a poetic image—the work of Reverón made manifest through the “miracle of Reverón”—the French diplomat Gastón Diehl discusses three fundamental aspects of the artist whom he describes in a manner that is almost supernatural [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 808691