Creator: Frías, José D., 1891-1936×
  • Cosas del momento : Best Maugard y su sistema de enseñanza artística
    Frías, José D., 1891-1936
    Adolfo Best Maugard describes the nature of “authentic” Mexican art in order to define the essential features of the aesthetic idea based on a “grammar of drawing” that he proposes as the formula for what he sees as “current national art [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 771701

  • Notas artísticas : Diego Rivera en el Anfiteatro de la Preparatoria
    Frías, José D., 1891-1936
    In this interview Juan del Sena chats with Diego Rivera in the Anfiteatro Bolívar in Mexico City, where Rivera is starting work on the mural he calls La creación [Creation]. The painter describes both the method of using encaustic as well as the [...]
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  • El Doctor Atl conferencista
    Frías, José D., 1891-1936
    Within the devastated atmosphere of the post-First World War period, Gerardo Murillo, a.k.a. Doctor Atl, calls for a revolutionary solution. He also stresses his experiments: his new language, the “pintura sígnica” [sign-based] painting, and the [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 737711