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  • Abraham Haber
    Haber, Abraham
    Abraham Haber responds to the summons to carry out a counter-biennial with his contribution, in spite of making it clear that he has received an invitation intended for the artists. He is however a professor of art history and a member of the [...]
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  • Carta a Guillermo de Torre
    Haber, Abraham
    Letter published in response to Guillermo de Torre’s articles in the newspaper La Nación [The Nation] between August 31 and September 21, 1952. Taking on the Perceptivist stance, Haber responds to the concepts that de Torre uses to attack non- [...]
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  • La pintura perceptista
    Haber, Abraham
    In this article, Abraham Haber examines the viewer’s relationship with Perceptivist art, indicating how it differs from representative painting. The author explains that this is an excerpt from the essay that will be published in the book titled El [...]
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  • Pintura y arquitectura
    Haber, Abraham
    In this review, Abraham Haber discusses the connections created by Mondrian, Le Corbusier, Gorin, and Max Bill between painting and architecture, in order to show how they differed from the ideas that were proposed by Perceptivism [...]
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  • Pintura y percepción
    Haber, Abraham
    In this review, Abraham Haber discusses the evolution of the work of Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, and Piet Mondrian in order to establish, within those same parameters, its relationship to Concrete Art in Argentina and the proposals advanced by [...]
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