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  • [The Museo del Barrio has been in existence for over eight years...]
    Soto Sánchez, Jorge
    In this brief statement, Nuyorican artist Jorge Soto provides an historical overview of El Museo del Barrio. The author contends that the institution emphasized the educational value of Puerto Rican culture, but did not attend to the needs of Puerto [...]
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  • Jorge Soto : portfolio
    Soto Sánchez, Jorge
    The work of Jorge Soto, an artist of Puerto Rican descent, is featured in the portfolio section of the first issue of Caribe magazine. He explains his drawings and images as incorporating symbols and meanings related to the general themes of being [...]
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  • The possible role for the caribbean artist in an urban setting
    Soto Sánchez, Jorge
    In this article, Jorge Soto, an influential artist of Puerto Rican descent, discusses the condition of the Caribbean artist in an urban setting and also focuses on the social and psychological effects of colonialism. He deems colonialism as a [...]
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  • Biographical sketch
    Soto Sánchez, Jorge
    In this autobiographical timeline covering from 1947 to 1977, Nuyorican artist Jorge Soto Sánchez describes his childhood in the South Bronx where he took great delight in drawing from an early age. Conversely, he also found disillusionment in the [...]
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