Creator: Downey, Juan, 1940-1993×
  • The laughing alligator / The looking glass = El caimán con la risa de fuego /El espejo
    Downey, Juan, 1940-1993
    This document includes three texts, each one written from a different perspective. The first is Lynda Kahn’s very short review of The Laughing Alligator, the video by Juan Downey, the Chilean artist who lived in New York. The second is a [...]
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  • Nueva York, abril 1990
    Downey, Juan, 1940-1993
    In this poetic, thoughtful essay, Juan Downey discusses his ideas about decadence based on a description of conditions and feelings. Downey, the Chilean artist who lived in New York City, explains that, from a third-world perspective, the decline of [...]
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  • Noreshi Towai
    Downey, Juan, 1940-1993
    In this essay Juan Downey describes what he experienced while immersed, with his camera, in several indigenous tribes in Venezuela and Brazil. His goal was to make recordings that would facilitate connection with such environments, claiming that the [...]
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  • El olor del aguarrás
    Downey, Juan, 1940-1993
    In this article, Juan Downey alternates between questions and certainties as he writes about video, the medium he used to create his body of work. The title refers to a phrase attributed to Marcel Duchamp, who supposedly said that artists keep [...]
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  • Juan Downey : haciendo señales
    Downey, Juan, 1940-1993; Fariña, Soledad, 1943-
    In this interview, the poet Soledad Fariña asks Juan Downey about his video work and its exposure in the United States and Chile. The Chilean artist, who lives in the United States, talks about his interest in video, electronics in general, [...]
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