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  • Cartas al Director
    Szyszlo, Fernando de
    Fernando de Szyszlo sent this open letter to the editor of Cultura Peruana magazine in response to the article by journalist Jesús Manual Orbegozo that was published in this same magazine (Lima, December 1955). Szyszlo denied the declarations [...]
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  • De arte
    Szyszlo, Fernando de
    In this open letter from Fernando de Szyszlo to El Comercio newspaper, the artist responds to the remarks published on its pages by critic Carlos Raygada (Lima, May 29, 1951) regarding de Szyszlo’s exhibition of abstract paintings at the Asociació [...]
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  • La pintura de Urteaga
    Szyszlo, Fernando de
    This is the text of the entire talk delivered by Fernando de Szyszlo and part of the tribute organized by the IAC (Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo) in 1955 in honor of the painter Mario Urteaga. Szyszlo describes him as a highly idiosyncratic [...]
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  • Szyszlo 50
    Lauer, Mirko, 1947-; Szyszlo, Fernando de
    The critic Mirko Lauer interviews Fernando de Szyszlo, the Peruvian painter, who reminisces about his formative years in Europe after the Second World War. De Szyszlo mentions his decision to return to Peru “to contribute in any way to help things [...]
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  • [Letter] 1965 February 22, Lima, Perú [to] Benjamín Roca Muelle
    Miró Quesada S., Aurelio, 1907-; Valcárcel, Luis E. (Luis Eduardo), 1891-1987; Szyszlo, Fernando de
    This document is the letter sent by eminent Peruvian intellectuals, writers, and artists to Benjamín Roca Muelle—president of the Corporación Nacional de Turismo—upon learning that the property that houses “Pacho Fierro,” a folk music venue [...]
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  • Szyszlo, Pizarro y Túpac Amaru
    Szyszlo, Fernando de
    In this text, Fernando de Szyszlo applauds “without reservation” the ideological sentiment behind the decision to replace the image of the conqueror of Peru with the image of the indigenous leader of the independence movement. Yet, “as a [...]
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  • [Sobre los cuadros que forman esta serie...]
    Szyszlo, Fernando de
    This text was written by Peruvian artist Fernando de Szyszlo to accompany his series of paintings inspired by “Apu Inka Atawallpaman,” an elegiac Quechua poem by an anonymous author. The poem describes the death of the Inca Atahualpa, and the [...]
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  • Pinturas sobre el poema de Atahualpa
    Szyszlo, Fernando de
    This document is the catalogue published by the Museo de Arte Moderno of Bogotá (MAM) on the occasion of the exhibition of Peruvian painter Fernando de Szyszlo entitled Pinturas sobre el poema de Atahualpa (1964). It contains two black and white [...]
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  • Breve diálogo con Jean Dewasne
    Szyszlo, Fernando de
    In this article, Fernando de Szyszlo interviews his colleague, the renowned French exponent of geometric abstraction, Jean Dewasne, who explains that he rejects the romantic concept of “inspiration” on the grounds that it is a “passive” [...]
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