Creator: Saco, Carmen, 1882-1948×
  • Estética de la fealdad
    Saco, Carmen, 1882-1948
    Carmen Saco, who studied at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes (ENBA) in the 1920s, was one of the first professional women sculptors in Peru. The time she spent at the ENBA proved decisive to the nationalist bent of a body of work characterized by [...]
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  • Notas de arte: Exposición de pintura Julia Codesido
    Saco, Carmen, 1882-1948
    Carmen Saco describes Julia Codesido’s 1929 exhibition “as a process, the radical dissolution of a dying world in which one race withdraws and others rise triumphant along with a way of perceiving long-established art as distinct from art that is [...]
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  • Disciplina y sentido cósmico en los cuadros de Julia Codesido
    Saco, Carmen, 1882-1948
    Carmen Saco, the Peruvian sculptress and essayist, believes that the roots of Julia Codesido’s painting can be found in “blocks of stone that have been overwhelmed and penetrated by life and pain.” She believes that Codesido’s art expresses [...]
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