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  • Al público de la América Latina y del mundo entero : principalmente a los escritores : artistas y hombres de ciencia: hacemos la siguiente declaración
    Alvarez Bravo, Manuel
    The protest reports on a series of cancellations and blockages that prevented André Breton from arriving at the university and other college facilities. This occurred despite his official invitation and the fact that his presentation was planned in [...]
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  • Adget : Documentos para artistas
    Alvarez Bravo, Manuel
    In this text, Manuel Álvarez Bravo considers the development of Adget (sic) as a photographer and the life experiences, warmth, and creativity reflected in his unique ability to see what is around him. He notes that Adget had no training in the arts [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 752393

  • Orígenes de la fotografía
    Alvarez Bravo, Manuel
    Manuel Álvarez Bravo’s essay provides an introduction to the general history of photography. He traces its development from the original camera obscura that has been with us since time immemorial, and recognizes the contributions of those who [...]
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  • El Arte Negro
    Alvarez Bravo, Manuel
    In his essay, “El arte negro” [The Black Art], Manuel Álvarez Bravo mentions several factors that substantiate photography’s standing as an art form. In this photographer’s opinion the practice, like other forms of artistic expression, [...]
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