Creator: Soto, Jesús Rafael, 1923-2005×
  • Soto habla de Soto
    Soto, Jesús Rafael, 1923-2005
    Jesús Rafael Soto composes his autobiography from his childhood through 1967, the time of this editorial essay. It is divided into three parts: the first part covers his childhood and his youth in the city of Bolivar, the place where he first [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1080906

  • Extractos de entrevistas de Soto con Claude-Louis Renard, París, 1974
    Renard, Claude-Louis, 1928-2005; Soto, Jesús Rafael, 1923-2005
    In this interview, Claude-Louis Renard seeks insights into the Venezuelan visual artist Jesús Rafael Soto’s thinking and character. Chronologically structured along biographical lines, the conversation begins with Soto’s early days as an artist [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1080788

  • Soto : estructuras cinéticas
    Soto, Jesús Rafael, 1923-2005; Museo de Bellas Artes (Venezuela)
    This text by writer Guillermo Meneses is divided into three parts. The first discusses the characteristics of Jesús Rafael Soto’s work, his exceptional skill and talent as an artist, and his perseverance, which allowed him to overcome a number of [...]
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