Creator: Friede, Juan, 1901-1990×
  • El pintor colombiano = The Colombian painter : Carlos Correa
    Friede, Juan, 1901-1990
    Businessman, historian, and critic Juan Friede wrote this book on painter Carlos Correa in 1945, (when Correa was thirty-three years old), as one of his efforts as a patron of the arts. This book is significant because it furthered Correa’s career [...]
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  • Introducción
    Friede, Juan, 1901-1990
    In his introduction to the book Luis Alberto Acuña: estudio biográfico y crítico, the Ukrainian art historian, critic, and nationalized Colombian, Juan Friede, sets out to clarify his own view of the meaning of art criticism. He believes that the [...]
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  • El Salon de los jovenes pintores colombianos
    Friede, Juan, 1901-1990
    In this 1947 article, the Ukrainian historian, Juan Friede, argues that it is unfair to pigeonhole young Colombians in preconceived models that ignore their “indigenous vitality.” He admits that artists, such as the Spaniards Pablo Picasso and [...]
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