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  • Assembling Collective Reason : Gego’s structure as public space
    Ledezma, Juan
    Juan Ledezma compares the aesthetic strategies that Gego used to create shape in space.  Leaning on theories suggested by Jürgen Habermas, who classifies modern forms of reason, Ledezma analyzes the “formative logic” of Gego’s constructions [...]
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  • Tácticas de exhibición en el espacio público
    Iregui Restrepo, Jaime, 1956-
    The article “Tácticas de exhibición en el espacio público” (2002) was written by Jaime Iregui for his master’s thesis. It was first published on the website of his project Constelaciones (2002?2004), which is no longer on the internet. The [...]
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  • En asuntos de ciudad, la estética urbana sí tiene que ver con todo
    Suárez Zúñiga, Álvaro
    The text “En asuntos de ciudad, la estética urbana sí tiene que ver con todo” by architect and urbanist Álvaro Suárez Zúñiga was originally presented at the opening ceremony of Arte para Bogotá (1995), a joint initiative of the Art School [...]
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  • El sentido de su mensaje escultórico
    Traba, Marta
    Originally published in La Patria newspaper based in Manizales, Colombia, this text is a journalistic version of the two television programs aired in 1956 that critic Marta Traba dedicated to the work of sculptor Rodrigo Arenas Betancourt. Traba [...]
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  • Transgresiones urbanas : construcción del espacio público mediante el vandalismo gráfico
    Cerón, Jaime, 1967-
    This text was published as one chapter of the 2007 book Dibujos de la calle by the School of Arts at the Universidad de Bogotá – Jorge Tadeo Lozano, written by the members of the Excusado Printsystem collective. The chapter clearly and concretely [...]
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  • Acerca de la poesía en acción
    Barboza, Diego, 1945-
    In his proposal/script Acerca de la poesía de acción the Venezuelan artist Diego Barboza explains the importance of this urban project. The performance is a collective experience in which participants wear (red and blue) hats which, in his opinion [...]
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  • Who made us the target of your outreach?
    Manglano-Ovalle, Iñigo, 1961-
    The artist Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle recounts the conflict that occurred between two efforts to neutralize a Chicago street block plagued by gang violence: the coordination of a block party by members of the Street-Level Video (SLV) collective and the [...]
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