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  • Fuera del Salón Oficial : una obra de la Pintora María Rosa de Ferrari
    Ortiz Saralegui, Juvenal, 1907-1959
    In the 1930s the ideological frictions sparked in intellectual circles by the dictatorial government of Gabriel Terra were not just a local problem; they were a reflection of the global conflict presaged by the unstoppable advance of fascism, the [...]
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  • Testimonio : El intelectual de izquierda y cierta estética revolucionaria
    “Testimonio: El intelectual de izquierda y cierta estética revolucionaria” the editorial published in issue Nº 7 (April–May, 1960) of Revista Sardio (Caracas, 1958–61) analyzes and compares the validity and authenticity of commitment in the [...]
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  • César Rengifo : no hay arte sin ideología
    Valero, Irma
    This interview conducted by Irma Valero begins by highlighting aspects of the work of Venezuelan artist César Rengifo. In referring to his Amalivaca mural, the work entitled Nacimiento de América located in the Diego Ibarra Plaza in the Caracas [...]
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  • La ideología de lo artesanal
    Lauer, Mirko, 1947-
    In this essay Mirko Lauer discusses two approaches to the contemporary interpretation of the visual arts during the pre-capitalist period. Lauer uses the latest ideological definition of creative expression as an umbrella term under which he includes [...]
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  • Prólogo
    Lucena, Clemencia, 1945-
    In the prologue to the book Anotaciones políticas sobre la pintura colombiana (1975), artist Clemencia Lucena questions the culture of a country like Colombia, a culture that, in her view, is imposed by the landowning and bourgeois classes. She [...]
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  • Um olhar que aprisiona o outro: o retrato do índio e o papel do fotojornalismo na revista O Cruzeiro
    Costa, Helouise
    In this text, Helouise Costa analyzes articles on indigenous questions published in the magazine O Cruzeiro from 1943 to 1954, a question she then brings to bear on the medium of photojournalism. Following the use and manipulation of images and of [...]
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  • Ideologia da cultura brasileira : pontos de partida para uma visão histórica
    Mota, Carlos Guilherme
    This essay sets out to analyze the evolution of Brazilian intellectual thought from the 1930s to the mid-1970s in order to identify the distinguishing traits of the transition from an aristocratic view of culture (the target of Mário de Andrade’s [...]
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  • El artista debe superar las limitaciones de las ideologías : Jacobo Borges en Nueva York
    Florez, Armando J.
    In this interview with Armando J. Florez, Jacobo Borges states that an artist should have a global perspective when it comes to politics and mankind’s real values, and should be free of any limitations imposed by ideologies. The painter believes [...]
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  • Zambullida profunda en el mar del país fantasma
    Husband, Bertha
    Painter Bertha Husband takes it for granted that Puerto Rican artist Elizam Escobar analyzes the ideas and images to be developed in his work in advance. However, it is pointless to give explanations or make judgments on the works [based on those [...]
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  • Rosendo Salazar exhibe su obra socialista
    This article reports on painter Rosendo Salazar’s show at the Galería de Arte Moderno, under the authority of the Dirección General de Acción Educativa del Departmento del Distrito Federal (DDF) [Directorate for Educational Action at the Mexico [...]
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  • Interrogantes
    Le Parc, Julio
    The text by Julio Le Parc takes as its starting point the need to overcome individualistic ideas in order to be able to suggest future expansions. Thus, he introduces the idea with a series of questions, which, at first, refer to the general [...]
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  • [Un numeroso grupo de argentinos residentes y no residentes...]
    This written testimonial expresses the reasons why a group of residents and nonresidents took over the Pabellón Argentino de la Ciudad Universitaria de París [Argentinean Building of the University Boarding Complex of Paris] in 1968. It denounces [...]
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  • David Cooper con el Grupo de los Trece
    Glusberg, Jorge
    The text discusses the work method of the Grupo de los Trece [Group of Thirteen] in relation to its constitution. As the coordinator of the group, David Cooper analyzes, on the one hand, the internal problems of the group, “las ansiedades de cada [...]
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  • El Grupo de los Trece en Arte de Sistemas
    Glusberg, Jorge
    Jorge Glusberg defines the artist as a modeler of everyday reality, as the “creador de nuevos entornos” [“creator of new environments”], as the “humanizador de la geometría” [“humanizer of geometry”], as “responsible por la [...]
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  • CAYC : hacia un perfil del arte latinoamericano (GT-129; GT-129 II)
    Glusberg, Jorge
    Through different authors, Jorge Glusberg defines the concept of ideology in order to relate it to the reality of Latin American art: “En los países ideológicamente sometidos por las metrópolis y económicamente [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 761168

  • ¿Un futuro tecnológico para el arte?
    Argan, Giulio Carlo
    This introductory text for Guilio Carlo Argan’s exhibition analyzes the relationship between ideology and technique in order to inquire into the position and destiny of art within that context of ideas. Keeping in mind the self-directed nature and [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 757916

  • La obra de arte como producto de la relación conciencia ética- conciencia estética : (Intento de fundamentación del temario presentado al “Primer encuentro nacional del arte de vanguardia)
    Renzi, Juan Pablo, 1940-
    The text presented by Juan Pablo Renzi at the Primer Encuentro Nacional de Arte de Vanguardia [First National Encounter of Vanguard Art] is defined as an “attempt to bring about the grounds for the proposed agenda” and presents a framework for [...]
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  • Comparación entre dos tipos de sociedades : La forma de destruir la dictadura de los partidos
    Beuys, Joseph
    As part of his submission to the Arte de Sistemas II [Systems Art II] exhibition, the German artist Joseph Beuys provided a plastic bag which was sometimes used as the catalogue’s “wrapper.” Beuys used graphics on both sides of the [...]
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  • Arte e Ideología en CAyC al Aire Libre
    Glusberg, Jorge
    This text suggests that although there is no “Latin American art” as such — that is, art produced by Latin American nations — these countries certainly share a number of “common problems” in terms of the social and political reality of [...]
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  • Paradojas contemporáneas
    Siqueiros, David Alfaro
    While visiting Argentina, Mexican painter David Alfaro Siqueiros forms his opinions about Argentinean culture from an ideological split. In his view there are two columns that he calls, in general: the aristocratic and the red one, defined by their [...]
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