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  • Arte computacional na era da globalização e do multiculturalismo
    Venturelli, Suzete
    In this essay Suzete Venturelli discusses the impact that cyber-culture—specifically, the cyberspace created by the internet’s World Wide Web—has had in the era of globalization and multiculturalism. She reviews the state of art in her research [...]
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  • Mundos virtuais e vidas artificiais
    Venturelli, Suzete
    The artist Suzete Venturelli discusses the different typologies of electronic art designed to create virtual environments that generate multi-sensory experiences. In her opinion, this new horizon in the field of artistic creativity radically [...]
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  • Os sites de arte na rede internet
    Prado, Gilbertto
    In this text, São Paulo-based author and artist Gilbertto Prado reports on a project of art-related websites that engage, among other concepts, “space,” “architecture of construction,” “navigational structure,” “aesthetic composition [...]
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  • Tele-presença-ausência
    Vicente, Carlos Fadon
    In this essay, Carlos Fadon Vicente explores the concepts of “interactivity” and “telepresence” in the work of art, tracing back the etymology of the two terms to religious rites. In the author’s view, “telepresence” entails symbolic [...]
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  • Performance em telepresença : informação e comunicação na rede mundial de computadores
    Medeiros, Maria Beatriz de, 1955-
    In this text, Bia Medeiros observes that “telepresence” implies presence in real, or almost real, time which is measured by means of technology (video or computer). Medeiros explains that the form of telepresence that Corpos Informá [...]
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  • Mostra: grupo de pesquisa Corpos Informáticos
    Medeiros, Maria Beatriz de, 1955-; Grupo de Pesquisa Corpos Informáticos
    In this text, Bia Medeiros provides an account of the video performance that Corpos Informáticos, the experimental research group she leads, carried out at the X Congresso da Anpap held in 1996. The group, which was formed in 1992, focuses on [...]
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  • O mito da alta definição
    Machado, Arlindo
    In this 1983 essay, published in a book in 2006, Arlindo Machado describes videotext. Videotext preceded the Internet and, for the first time, “connectivity” and “interactivity” were available on public networks. The first [...]
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  • Hipermídia : o labirinto como metáfora
    Machado, Arlindo
    In this essay, Arlindo Machado analyses the idea of technological “interactivity.” Quoting the art critic Raymond Williams, Machado states that it cannot be understood as a simple reaction, as a choice of options. He claims that it also implies [...]
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  • Bienal e participação... do povo
    Pedrosa, Mário
    This commentary by Mário Pedrosa centers on the large audiences that admired and interacted with the works exhibited at the IX São Paulo Biennial (1969). He states that: “art has ceased to be that distant and humorless thing, that terribly [...]
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  • Arte e interatividade: autor-obra-recepção
    Plaza, Julio
    This essay analyzes the main concepts and theoretical interfaces in the history of modern and contemporary art; it explains the connections between author, work, and recipient, and helps the reader to understand interactive art. According to the [...]
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