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  • [En la forja de América...]
    Gamio, Manuel, 1883-1960
    The prologue to Forjando patria: pro nacionalismo, published in 1916 by leading Mexican anthropologist and archaeologist Manuel Gamio, compares the forging of metal out of an amalgam of bronze and steel to the ideal societal intermixing of Mexicans [...]
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  • América es un campo de experimentación social
    Salas, Julio César, 1870-1933
    From a social scientific perspective, Julio César Salas rejects deterministic explanations regarding the alleged failure of Latin American countries, either due to their Torrid Zone locations or for their mixture of races. The author opposes such [...]
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  • La ética de la libertad
    Escobar, Elizam, 1948-
    After being sentenced to life in prison, Puerto Rican artist Elizam Escobar reflects on U.S. colonialism and the persecution of all those individuals who have fought it one way or the other. Escobar believes that colonialism is a crime of treason [...]
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  • Le Mexique Ancien et Moderne
    Chevalier, Michel
    In this selection from Michel Chevalier’s text Le Mexique Ancien et Moderne (1863), the author argues that France’s occupation of Spain, Mexico, and other Latin countries is in the best interest of all Catholic nations. Describing France as both [...]
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  • Tres dias de controversia
    Traba, Marta
    In this article, the well-known art historian, Marta Traba, summarizes the content of the three lectures she gave at the Museo de Bellas Artes [Museum of Fine Arts] in Caracas in 1965. The purpose of the lectures, Traba explains, was to provide the [...]
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