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  • Salutación a JoaquinTorres García
    Huidobro, Vicente, 1893-1948
    La Escuela del Sur magazine was published by the TTG (Taller Torres García). The first issue appeared in 1958, five years after Removedor—the Taller’s previous journal—ceased publication. The article “Salutación a Torres García,” written [...]
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  • To Our Audience
    Cardona, Ana Luisa
    This text describes the founding of the Raza Art and Media Collective in 1975 and declares its six main goals, all aimed at cultivating art and education among Spanish-speaking people in Michigan. These included: 1) to provide education and [...]
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  • Prólogo
    Ferrari, León, 1920-
    León Ferrari explains the method he used to develop the text based on reports from the news media. He discusses his ideas for staging the work [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 744409