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  • Gego : desafiando estructuras
    Amor, Monica
    In this article, Venezuelan critic and professor Mónica Amor refutes the constructivist and organicist approach that has been used to understand Gego’s work. That approach, she claims, does not address the way Gego’s production undermines [ [...]
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  • La pieza "Licantropía" obtuvo el premio Eugenio Mendoza : Javier Tellez
    Mendoza, Ana María
    In this review, the journalist Ana María Mendoza discusses Licantropía—the work by Javier Téllez—which took the prize at the ninth edition of the Premio Eugenio Mendoza (Caracas, 1998). The journalist describes the exhibition and comments on [...]
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  • Los espacios transitorios: Rosa Irigoyen y Anaida Hernández = Transitory Spaces: Rosa Irigoyen and Anaida Hernández
    Escallón, Ana María
    In 2002, on the occasion of the exhibition, Espacios Transitorios: Rosa Irigoyen y Anaida Hernández [Transitory Spaces: Rosa Irigoyen and Anaida Hernández], held at the Art Museum of the Americas in Washington, DC, the Colombian curator Ana María [...]
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  • Mi arte es un virus que vive en las grietas
    Lebon, Manuel
    Journalist Manuel Lebon interviews artist Javier Téllez about his installation Licantropía on exhibition at the Premio Mendoza in Caracas in 1998. Téllez talks about his childhood and his connection to mental illness due to the fact that his [...]
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