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  • [Letter] 1976 July 15, México D.F. [to] Lorenzo Homar
    Beltrán, Alberto
    Alberto Beltrán, a Mexican artist, writes to his friend, Puerto Rican printmaker Lorenzo Homar, to thank him for his earlier letter explaining the problems surrounding the IV Bienal de San Juan del Grabado Latinoamericano [4th San Juan Biennial of [...]
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  • [Materias]
    This document is the material that presented the objectives and purposes of the Taller Escuela de Artes Gráficas 4 Rojo, as well as the subjects taught there. This school was founded in 1973 by the members of the group Taller 4 Rojo: Diego Arango, [...]
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  • [You invited me for this meeting...]
    In this speech to her companions at the Tamarind Lithography Workshop, Gego describes the basic tenets of her work and outlines the projects she plans to present. She explains how her use of line has evolved over the course of time, from her early [...]
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  • A gravura na cooperativa
    This article, essentially the minutes of a meeting of the Cooperativa de Artistas Plásticos de São Paulo, was published in ABC Color, the organization’s newspaper. The article reports on the meeting of Cooperative members on July 2, 1980, at [...]
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  • A tipografia e os livros de arte em Pernambuco no século XX
    Bruscky, Paulo
    The artist Paulo Bruscky refers to the remarkable graphic arts tradition in Recife—in the state of Pernambuco, in northeastern Brazil—as he describes in great detail the drawings produced in this area during the twentieth century. He takes a [...]
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  • Arte nacional: el dibujante Jorge Seoane
    Casterot y Arroyo, Enrique
    In this article about the Peruvian draftsman Jorge Seoane, the journalist Enrique Casterot y Arroyo describes the new function of modern art. In his opinion it is more than “a mere imitative instinct” that seeks to expose an “axiom of the [...]
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  • Carlos Cortez
    Weber, John Pitman, 1942-
    Written by well-known muralist John Pitman Weber, this essay provides biographical information on Carlos Cortez, a Milwaukee-born and Chicago-based artist and poet of Mexican-Indian and German ancestry. Weber talks about the places and people Cortez [...]
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  • Conversations in the studio : Juan Sánchez and Julia P. Herzberg
    Herzberg, Julia P.; Sánchez, Juan, 1954-
    Art historian and curator, Julia P. Herzberg, converses with Juan Sánchez on his evolution as a printmaker. Sánchez stated that he became interested in printmaking during college after visiting the Puerto Rican artist collective, Taller Boricua, [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 802599

  • Discursive Images and Resonant Words Address the Vox Populi: The Visceral Art of Carlos Cortéz Koyokuikatl
    Sorell, V. A. (Victor A.)
    In this catalogue essay, Victor Alejandro Sorell considers the 36-year career (spanning 1964–2000) of the Chicano artist Carlos Cortez, praising him as the “quintessential artist-reporter,” and emphasizing his virtuosity as a master printmaker [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 840498

  • El arte peruano de vanguardia: la exposición de Goyburu
    Lora, Juan José, 1902-1961
    The author describes the painter Emilio Goyburu as a “born revolutionary” whose originality was immune to “any academic approach, old or new.” According to Juan José Lora, Goyburu’s work is a “cinematic spectacle of awareness,” in [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1146775

  • Estatutos de "Ciudad Solar"
    Corporación Ciudad Solar (Cali, Colombia)
    In 1971, a group of young adults (20–26 years old) in Cali led by Hernando Guerrero, a photographer and editor, set up an independent space to promote creative projects in the visual and graphic arts, photography, and film. In order to make this [...]
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  • Giangrandi
    Rivero, Mario, 1935- 2009
    In 1978, the poet Mario Rivero, who was the art critic for the Revista Diners for many years, wrote an article on the recent work of Umberto Giangrandi. In his text, Rivero interprets the work of the printmaker born in Italy—residing in Colombia [...]
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  • Gravura hoje, aqui
    Silveira, Regina, 1939
    This text summarizes artist Regina Silveira’s position in a debate held at the Galeria São Paulo in December 1981 on the state of printmaking in Brazil in the early eighties. Early on, Silveira asserts that in her view, the idea that printmaking [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1111416

  • Interview with Carlos Córtez
    Weber, John Pitman, 1942-; Gilbert, Coral; Frazer, Ricardo
    In this interview, Carlos Cortez talks about his artistic influences, including the Mexican muralists, Käthe Kollwitz, and Rembrandt, among others. He considers the social, political, and economic motivations that underpin his art. He also describes [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 867615

  • Legendes, croyances et talismans des indiens de l’amazone
    This book illustrated in detail by painter Vicente do Rego Monteiro explores the legends, beliefs, and talismans of Amazonian natives. The artist offers vignettes, drawings of symbols, and illustrations based on indigenous motifs. It was published in [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 785164

  • Madrugada tem linha
    Meyer, Augusto, 1902-1970; Tostes, Theodemiro; Cosme, Sotéro
    In this brief anonymous editorial, the editors of the first issue of Madrugada magazine, (a weekly devoted to literature, art, and social commentary) published in Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul), apologize for the two-week delay in the magazine’s [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1111058

  • Mundos virtuais e vidas artificiais
    Venturelli, Suzete
    The artist Suzete Venturelli discusses the different typologies of electronic art designed to create virtual environments that generate multi-sensory experiences. In her opinion, this new horizon in the field of artistic creativity radically [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1111136

  • Nestor Silva
    Duarte, Carlos J.
    This article by Carlos Duarte analyzes the graphic work of caricaturist Nestor Silva. It explains the originality of his drawings and his interest in the details of everyday life, pointing out his sharp and pronounced lines, which are characterized [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1110813

  • Notas a lapis sobre um pintor indiferente
    Freyre, Gilberto, 1900-1987
    Gilberto Freyre describes his visit to the visual artist Vicente do Rego Monteiro’s studio in Paris. Freyre acknowledges the artist’s talent and independence, and disagrees with the “Futurist” label with which he has been tagged by the [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 785071

  • O mito da alta definição
    Machado, Arlindo
    In this 1983 essay, published in a book in 2006, Arlindo Machado describes videotext. Videotext preceded the Internet and, for the first time, “connectivity” and “interactivity” were available on public networks. The first [...]
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  • Outr(a)idade do mundo
    Santaella, Lucia
    Lucia Santaella discusses the psychic resistance and barriers that human beings create—at an individual or institutional and social level—against every technical innovation. In her opinion, in the Postmodern (and/or postindustrial, posthistoric) [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1111104

  • Quelques visages de Paris
    Monteiro, Vicente do Rêgo, 1899-1970
    This is a book of poetry by the painter and draftsman Vicente do Rego Monteiro, a Brazilian who lived in France for years and produced work in a variety of fields. The theme of the book Quelques visages de Paris [Some Parisian Faces] takes the [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 785105

  • Repetição artesanal, o anonimato, urbana e rodoviária
    Lemos, Fernando
    Fernando Lemos discusses the “vignettes”—ornamental motifs derived from “classic styles” (Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, etc.)—in the decorations painted on some of the trucks he sees driving around the city of São Paulo. In this brief [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1111428

  • Who's who in graphic art
    Diament Sujo, Clara
    Gallery owner Clara Diament Sujo reviews the book Who’s Who in Graphic Art (Zurich: The Graphic Press, 1962), which gathers together the most renowned graphic designers and illustrators in the world. The author describes the characteristics of the [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1169097

  • Wlademir Dias-Pino: "A guerra da caatinga é uma guerra sem paisagem"
    Pinto, José Nêumanne, 1951-; Dias-Pino, Wlademir
    In this essay, José Neumanne Pinto interviewed the poet Wlademir Dias-Pino about his research on Northeastern Brazil. He presents a selection of phrases written by the poet, indicating that he does not claim to advance any kind of theory, even [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1111030