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  • [O trabalho de Amilcar de Castro reúne...]
    Brito, Ronaldo
    In this text, Ronaldo Brito analyzes Amilcar de Castro’s work in the media of sculpture and drawing. He discusses the connections between de Castro’s production and modern sculpture. Brito asserts that de Castro’s art formulates a rejection of [...]
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  • Arte Guarango para la Argentina de Menem
    Restany, Pierre
    The question asked by French art critic Pierre Restany in this article is this: how is the political and general cultural context of the 1990s, characterized by the double presidential mandate of Carlos Saúl Menem, related to artistic productions? [...]
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  • Avatares del arte
    Gumier Maier, Jorge, 1953-
    This article is critical of the nature of contemporary art in Buenos Aires, referring specifically to the formal aspect of artworks, the roots of creative inspiration such as social or political issues, and the scope in terms of reception, among [...]
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  • El absurdo y la ficción en una notable muestra
    López Anaya, Jorge
    The article reviews the exhibition by artists Jorge Gumier-Maier, Benito Laren, Omar Schiliro, and Alfredo Londaibere in the Espacio Giesso, which took place in August 1992. Besides briefly describing the works of each of the artists, it makes a [...]
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  • El Tao del Arte
    Gumier Maier, Jorge, 1953-
    In this text—the foreword to the exhibition catalog El Tao del Arte exhibition (Buenos Aires: Centro Cultural Recoleta, May 13–June 8, 1997)—, Jorge Gumier-Maier narrates how the conditions of the Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, “a place [...]
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  • Gego, la luz cernida dulcemente
    Pérez Oramas, Luis, 1960-
    Luis Enrique Pérez Oramas considers Gego the most important artist in Venezuelan modern art. In his opinion, her work broke through the conventional limits and was situated at the margin of the national art scene as “a work of critical importance [...]
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  • O tridimensional na arte brasileira dos anos 80 e 90: genealogias, superações
    Chiarelli, Tadeu, 1956-
    In this essay, Tadeu Chiarelli analyzes Brazil art from the eighties and nineties, specifically production that involves three-dimensional space (sculpture, objects, or installation). He draws ties between those decades and the experimental tradition [...]
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  • Projeto construtivo brasileiro na arte (1950-1962)
    Pape, Lygia
    Lygia Pape, the artist curating the Projeto Construtivo Brasileiro exhibition (in the version shown in Rio de Janeiro), analyzes the legacy of the constructive art movements in Brazil retrospectively, and based on these, assesses Brazilian art on a [...]
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  • Una recorrida desde Ezcurra hasta Londaibere
    Lebenglik, Fabián
    This article reviews a number of exhibitions, including Alfredo Londaibere’s show at the Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas. The reviewer describes Londaibere’s work as “a nod to a variety of styles used in romantic landscape painting that includes [...]
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  • Waldemar Cordeiro
    Schenberg, Mário
    This is the text of the announcement of Waldemar Cordeiro’s exhibition at the Galeria Astréia in São Paulo in 1963. In the text, the physicist and art critic Mário Schenberg outlines a view of concrete art that has little or nothing to do with [...]
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