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  • Bello afiche para un gran festival
    This was the first time a national publication—the Lima newspaper El Comercio—had published the guidelines for the Festivales de Lima, an event of great importance in Latin America that took place in October and November 1966. The event consisted [...]
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  • En la cultura : no son todos los que están ni están todos lo que son : un Festival Americano de Pintura que debe ajustarse
    This newspaper article is about the first Festival Americano de Pintura, organized by the IAC (Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo) and the Asociación Cultural Jueves as part of the Festivales de Lima. The article quotes the Argentinean critic and [...]
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  • Festival, loable iniciativa: nos dice Jorge Romero Brest
    Meza, Luis Antonio, 1931-
    The renowned art critic Jorge Romero Brest, formed part of the jury of the first Festival Americano de Pintura together with the Venezuelan art critic and collector Inocente Palacios and the Peruvian architect Luis Miró Quesada Garland. In this [...]
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  • El Festival Americano de Pintura
    Meza, Luis Antonio, 1931-
    In this essay, the author—Luis Antonio Meza—states that the prize for the Festival Americano de Pintura was three thousand dollars and that the jury was composed by the Argentinean critic Jorge Romero Brest, the Venezuelan collector Inocente [...]
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  • El caso de Luis Zevallos
    Ortiz de Zevallos M., Augusto
    This is the first extensive challenge to the artistic credentials of Motociclista No. 3, the painting by Luis Zevallos Hetzel that was awarded first prize at the painting competition organized by the Festivales de Ancón. The challenger is Augusto [...]
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  • Reintegración : Inkari : un reencuentro esperado
    This is a newspaper review of the seven-day “Inkari” festival at its Primer Encuentro Nacional (October 3–9, 1973). This event was organized and coordinated by SINAMOS (Sistema Nacional de Apoyo a la Movilización Social), the information [...]
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  • Pueblo y arte se dieron la mano en Contacta 72 : gran cita en el Parque de la Reserva
    This is a brief newspaper article written on the Festival Contacta 72 immediately after it closed. The text highlights the massive attendance of the event due to its artistic theme of “placing the man on the street directly in contact with the [...]
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  • Contacta 72 será una experiencia de significación
    This is the text of a brief interview with Francisco Mariotti, Luis Arias Vera, and Luis Zevallos, the artists who organized the Festival de Arte Total Contacta 72 in Lima. Mariotti and Arias Vera attempt to identify the major guidelines used for [...]
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  • Sinamos Contacta 72 : a los artistas y artesanos del Perú
    This is the invitation to participate in the Festival de Arte Total CONTACTA 72; it is addressed to “Peruvian artists and artisans.” The event was scheduled to take place at the Parque de la Reserva in Lima, June 26–30, 1972, and it sought to [...]
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  • Contacta 72 : arte libertario
    This is a report on the Contacta 72 festival that was organized by SINAMOS (Sistema Nacional de Apoyo a la Movilización Social) from July 26–30, 1972, during the military regime headed by General Juan Velasco Alvarado. The anonymous author [...]
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  • Performance en el contexto del museo
    Medina, Juan David
    This article by Juan David Medina, a member of the Helena Producciones art group, addresses the debate prompted by the III Festival de Performance [Third Festival of Performance Art] held in October 1999 at the Museo de Arte Moderno La Tertulia, a [...]
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  • Welcome!
    Mejía, Juan, 1966-
    In this text, Colombian artist Juan Mejía recounts in the first person his experience at the Primer Festival Municipal de Performance y Acción Plástica(1997) in the city of Cali. As an organizer and as a viewer of the event, Mejía describes in [...]
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  • II Feria de Performance
    Díaz Polanco, Wilson
    This text is the second chapter in the book Festival de Performance de Cali-Colombia (2006) published by the Helena Producciones collective. In it, the collective’s cofounder, artist Wilson Díaz, describes the academic and social context from 1996 [...]
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  • 2 Festival de Vanguardia : Cali, 16 al 28 de junio de 1966
    Festival de Arte de Vanguardia (Cali, Colombia)
    This document includes a number of texts by the organizers of the Segundo Festival de Arte de Vanguardia [Second Festival of Avant-Garde Art], presented in the city of Cali, Colombia from June 16 through July 1, 1966 by members of the nadaísta [ [...]
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  • Primer Festival de Arte de Vanguardia
    Galería de Arte La Nacional (Cali, Colombia)
    This is the program for the Primer Festival de Arte de Vanguardia [First Festival of Avant-Garde Art] presented at the Galería de Arte La Nacional in the city of Cali, from June 16 through July 1, 1965 by artists who were members of the nadaísta [ [...]
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  • Editorial
    Bustamante, Jorge A.
    This document is an editorial within a newsletter published by El Colegio de la Frontera Norte [The School of the North Border]. It describes the work of the painter Malaquías Montoya and declares that he is responsible for the first mural painted [...]
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