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  • Rafael Montañez Ortiz
    Stiles, Kristine
    In this essay, art historian Kristine Stiles provides the most comprehensive essay written to date on the work of Rafael Montañez Ortiz, who is recognized as an innovator in the destruction art movement of the 1960s. Stiles’s essay chronicles [...]
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  • Reflexiones sobre la crisis ideológica del arte
    Renau Montoro, José
    The author José Renau, exiled in Mexico, summarizes the principal avant-garde art trends of the 20th century, highlighting the contradiction between the works created and their artistic value in light of the few connections among the artists, [...]
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  • Segunda entrevista con Gego realizada el 22/4/81
    Pantin, José Antonio
    In this interview, Gego answered questions of the Venezuelan filmmaker José Antonio Pantin, describing the technical nature of the seminars she taught at the Instituto de Diseño [Design Institute] Fundación Neumann–INCE, and expressing some of [...]
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  • Sin nombrarlo : Tamayo contesta a Rivera
    Suárez, Luis
    Rufino Tamayo expressed his ideas on the need to protect freedom of expression in the creative process. He explained that he did not belong to any group; on a personal level, however, he expressed his support for one of the “inalienable rights of [...]
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  • Sobre el significado del arte
    Miró Quesada Cantuarias, Francisco, 1918-
    In this article Francisco Miró Quesada Cantuarias replies to the comments made by Luis Miró Quesada Garland (El Comercio, Lima, August 14, 1955) as part of the debate prompted by the latter’s conclusions concerning the newspaper’s survey about [...]
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  • Sobre un episodio de censura : emitió una formal declaración de censura la Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes
    Monzón, Hugo
    This article explains that the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes [National Academy of Fine Arts] issued a statement in which it acknowledged that artists should be free to create works of art, but cautioned that when works of art are used for [...]
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  • Volumen y dirección en las artes del espacio
    Maldonado, Tomás, 1913-
    The article shows a certain displacement in Tomás Maldonado’s axis of interest, since it defines architecture as a protagonist, not only of the formal aspect but of the social aspect as well [...]
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