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  • Mercado de arte
    Figueiredo, Roberto S.
    Roberto S. Figueiredo argues that a stable currency created by the “Plano Cruzado” (a set of economic measures), together with the “Ley Sarney” (the law named for the Brazilian president at the time), would strengthen the art market and [...]
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  • Arte, ciência social e sociedade
    Freyre, Gilberto, 1900-1987
    This is a speech given by Gilberto Freyre in Recife, the capital of the state of Pernambuco, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of theEscola de Belas Artes. In the speech, the author equates the economy and culture in importance, from which art and [...]
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  • Ritualismo y economía
    Picón-Salas, Mariano, 1901-1965
    In this text, Mariano Picón-Salas weighs the benefits of the dominance of ritual in Mexican society versus that of economics in the United States. He begins by arguing that the protestant emphasis on the individual has shaped a modern society North [...]
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  • [O estudo do desenvolvimento econômico dos países latino-americanos]
    Celso Furtado
    The renowned Brazilian intellectual and government minister Celso Furtado outlines an economic picture of Latin America as a whole. In his opinion, Latin America possesses great combined potential when seen from the perspective of a developmental [...]
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  • Advertencia
    Bomfim, Manoel José do, 1868-
    In this historical review written in the early twentieth century, Manoel de Bomfim discusses economic, socio-political, and cultural conditions in Latin America. His objective here is to analyze the various problems afflicting the Americas as they [...]
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  • Arde Tucumán
    This article includes the most significant sections of the report prepared by Miguel Murmis, Silvia Sigal, and Carlos Waisman, the sociologists and members of the CICSO (Centro de Investigación en Ciencias Sociales [Social Sciences Research Center [...]
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  • Violencia
    Romero, Juan Carlos, 1931-
    The catalogue for Juan Carlos Romero’s Violencia [Violence] exhibition (Buenos Aires: Centro de Arte y Comunicación [Art and Communication Center], April 1973). In his essay in the catalogue, Jorge Glusberg states that Romero has always challenged [...]
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