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  • "Casas/Houses"
    Torruella Leval, Susana
    On the occasion of the exhibition La casa de todos nosotros: Antonio Martorell y sus amigos [A House for Us All: Antonio Martorell and Friends] held at El Museo del Barrio in 1992, Puerto Rican curator Susana Torruella Leval analyzes Antonio [...]
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  • [Hará un año, vi por la tele un corto publicitario que me gustó mucho...]
    Pombo, Marcelo, 1959-
    The document includes an image that is part of Marcelo Pombo's installation in the collective exhibition La Conquista (Buenos Aires, Centro Cultural Recoleta, March 1992). Organized for the Fifth Centennial of the Discovery of America, it includes a [...]
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  • [Reinventing Jimmy Green]
    Kovatch, Ron
    In this essay, Ron Kovatch explores how issues of relocation, assimilation, and identity are manifest in the group of sculptures by Raoul Deal presented in the installation Reinventing Jimmy Green. Inspired by his grandfather Eugenio Greco’s [...]
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  • [Writers characterize the Caribbean as playground...]
    Roulet, Laura
    In this document, independent curator, Laura Roulet provides a biographical sketch of Charles Juhasz and Arnaldo Morales—two artists that the author has identified as the third generation of Puerto Rican artists to dedicate their work to [...]
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  • 15 notes for Rosata Q: text for the exhibition quinceañera works, 1984
    Trasobares, César
    Cesar Trasobares’ essay is broken down into fifteen separate “notes” that describe the exhibited project or the Quinceañera planning process; they are written from the perspective of Rosata Quinceañera, the fictional heroine that is featured [...]
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  • A propósito del "Diario-objeto"
    Barney, Alicia, 1952-
    This document, written in 1977 by the Colombian artist Alicia Barney, is a mimeographed copy of the introduction to the installation Diario-objeto [Diary-Object] (1978) shown at the exhibition held at the Extensión Cultural [Cultural Extension] [...]
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  • Análisis de la obra de Feliza Burstyn [sic]
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    This article, entitled “Análisis de la obra de Feliza Burstyn” [Analysis of Feliza Burstyn’s Work], was published on September 25, 1974 in the Cali-based newspaper El País. It is one of the responses to art critic and historian Álvaro Medina [...]
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  • Apropriações: o lugar da arte como questão
    Chiarelli, Tadeu, 1956-
    In this text, art critic Tadeu Chiarelli presents Apropriações, the show that he organized at the Paço das Artes in São Paulo in 1990. Chiarelli discusses the ties between the art object and the real, and reflects on the role of the former in [...]
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  • Aproximación a una historia del videoarte en Colombia
    Charalambos, Gilles, 1958-
    Aproximación a una historia del videoarte en Colombia is one of the links on the website Historia del Videoarte en Colombia, a research project by video artist and professor Gilles Charalambos Bruyère that provides, free of [...]
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  • Arte en Chile de veinte, treinta años
    Oyarzún Robles, Pablo, 1950-
    In this article Pablo Oyarzún provides a critical review of the art produced over the course of three decades. He notes the lack of a tradition that could bear witness to and interpret art production in Chile. From the early twentieth century& [...]
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  • Artist's Statement: Art Liberation Movement, Castillo's Manifesto, Chicago, IL, July 4, 2001
    Castillo, Mario
    "Art Liberation Movement" is Mario Castillo’s personal manifesto, which appears on the artist’s website. The Chicano/Mexican artist who works from Chicago expresses in this statement his desire to liberate himself from "the aesthetic constraints [...]
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  • Barricades of ideas: Latino culture, site-specific installation, and the U.S. Art Museum
    Noriega, Chon A., 1961-
    In this document, scholar and curator Chon Noriega uses the model of identity articulated by José Martí in order to construct a more accurate understanding of U.S. Latino cultural expression and, more specifically, Latino installation art. He [...]
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  • Burztyn [sic] por encima de toda sospecha
    Traba, Marta
    “Burztyn [sic] above any suspicion” is the title of Marta Traba’s response to an accusation of plagiarism concerning the installation Las Camas [The Beds] by the sculptor Feliza Bursztyn in 1974 at the Museo de Arte Moderno [Museum of Modern [...]
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  • Carlos Fajardo / um coeficiente mínimo de estilo
    Salzstein, Sônia
    Sônia Salzstein wrote this essay for the catalogue accompanying the exhibition of work by Carlos Fajardo that was held at Galeria A. S. Studio in São Paulo in 1997. In it, she discusses the persistence of memory in painting (the medium most [...]
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  • El método de Simónides : lugar y no lugar, en la obra “En la punta de la lengua de Rodrigo Facundo
    Orrantia, Rodrigo, 1977-
    Rodrigo Orrantia’s essay is about En la punta de la lengua (1997), the work that the Colombian artist Rodrigo Facundo installed at the Bogotá Galería Santa Fe Planetarium for the II Premio Luis Caballero (1997). Orrantia’s analysis of the [...]
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  • El retorno de Antonio Navia
    Rivera Rosario, Nelson
    The Puerto Rican professor and critic Nelson Rivera Rosario discusses three works by Antonio Navia: Espacio-tiempo [Space-Time] (an environment installation involving sculpture, painting, and music); Naves [Vessels] (mobile sculptures); and Ajedrez [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 867041

  • El salón de la extravagancia
    Ponce de León, Carolina, 1955-
    Written by Carolina Ponce de León under the title “El salón de la extravagancia,” this document was published in the “Nuestra Época” section of the Bogotá daily newspaper El Espectador, on May 8, 1994. It was written as a criticism of the [...]
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  • Elías Heim
    González, Miguel, 1950-
    In this text, Miguel González provides a brief overview of the life of Colombian artist Elías Heim, placing particular emphasis on his education in Jerusalem (Israel) and Munich (Germany), and his production from 1991 to 1997. González discusses [...]
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  • Entrevista/Interview/Entretien. Elías Heim
    Biec, Odile
    The synopsis and the annotations in English are coming soon.                                However, our bilingual readers can click on “Español” to access this information in Spanish [...]
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  • Estética de la sed Lonquén 10 años, diez años después
    Oyarzún Robles, Pablo, 1950-
    In this essay Pablo Oyarzún, an authority on philosophical matters, discusses Lonquén 10 años (Lonquén 10 Years), the installation by the Chilean artist Gonzalo Díaz, keeping in mind the procedures, relationships, [...]
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  • Etsedrón: una forma de violencia
    Amaral, Aracy A., 1930-
    In this text, Aracy Amaral considers the strong negative responses provoked by a work entitled Etsedrón in the 1975 (XIII) São Paulo Biennial. She argues that this work provoked such responses because of its visceral power and because it is [...]
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  • Failing better : Salcedo's trajectory
    Mengham, Rod, 1953-
    In this article, the British critic Rod Mengham reviews Doris Salcedo’s installation Neither (2004) in terms of the Colombian artist’s career, identifying significant changes in her work since 2002. Up until that point, Salcedo had produced [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1150166

  • fantasmas pretéritos (preterite ghosts)
    Christ, Ronald J.
    Ronald Christ writes about Catalina Parra’s exhibition Imbunches and mentions a childhood anecdote that evokes the work. He explains that the artist explores different forms of silencing, and her work therefore defies interpretation. The author [...]
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  • Feliza "Baila" en Cali
    Uribe de Urdinola, Maritza
    “Feliza ‘Baila’ en Cali” [Feliza ‘Dances’ in Cali], is an interview of Feliza Bursztyn by Maritza Uribe de Urdinola conducted in 1979. With precise questions, Urdinola reviews the artist’s work and career from her early, remarkable [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 858174

  • Formas do repouso
    Tassinari, Alberto
    This text by art critic Alberto Tassinari provides an overview of Laura Vinci’s art, from her early paintings produced in the late eighties to her participation, in 1997, in the Projeto Arte/Cidade—that is, a decade of work. Tassinari sees Vinci [...]
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  • Historias de anticipación
    Mellado, Justo Pastor, 1949-
    As part of his curatorial plan for the exhibition 1973–2000: Transferencia y densidad (1973–2000: Transfer and Density), Justo Pastor Mellado proposes that museums should reinstate works that, though ignored by the critical discourse of [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 745708

  • Historias de recolección : bricolage, archivo y biblioteca
    Madrid, Alberto, 1955-
    This essay, “Historias de recolección: bricolage, archivo y biblioteca” [Collection Stories: Bricolage, Archive, and Library], was written by Alberto Madrid on the occasion of the exhibition Chile 100 años de artes visuales [ [...]
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  • Historias de transferencia y densidad en el campo plástico chileno (1973-2000)
    Mellado, Justo Pastor, 1949-
    The theorist Justo Pastor Mellado outlines his curatorial approach for the exhibition 1973–2000: Transferencia y densidad. He begins by defining concepts such as “curator,” discussing the term’s evolution in Chile and its [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 740449

  • Instalaciones : el espacio tomado
    Valencia, Luis Fernando
    The article “Instalaciones: El espacio tomado” [Installations: The Taken Space] (1991), written by the Colombian artist and critic Luis Fernando Valencia, appeared in 1991 in the 12th issue of Arte. Revista de Arte y Cultura [Art. The Magazine of [...]
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  • Introduction
    Roulet, Laura
    In this essay, independent curator Laura Roulet maintains that Puerto Rican artists Rafael Ferrer, Antonio Martorell, Papo Colo, Ernesto Pujol, Pepon Osorio, Dahara Rivera, Charles Juhasz, and Arnaldo Morales have advanced the practice of [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 797556

  • Introduction : sanctums of the spirit - the altares of Amalia Mesa-Bains
    Ybarra-Frausto, Tomás, 1938-
    This essay by Tomás Ybarra-Frausto was included in the catalogue of the 1987 exhibition, Grotto of the Virgins: Installation by Amalia Mesa-Bains, which was held at the INTAR Latin American Gallery in New York. Ybarra-Frausto discusses the [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 803246

  • Invitación al sacrificio
    Torres, Alejandro
    In the text “Invitación al sacrificio” [An Invitation to Sacrifice], commentator Alejandro Torres discusses the poetic quality of the staging and production in the work of the Mapa Teatro collective directed by Colombian artist Rolf Abderhalden [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1184781

  • Juan Downey : el dibujo como paradoja
    Sabbatino, Mary
    Mary Sabbatino discusses Juan Downey’s work in depth, paying particular attention to the connection between his drawings and his videos. According to Sabbatino, drawing formed the basis of Downey’s methodology. She notes that he was [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 739194

  • La década prodigiosa
    Duque, Luis Ángel
    [This text is] an essay by critic Luis Ángel Duque for the exhibition catalogue Los Ochenta. Panorama de las artes visuales en Venezuela [The Eighties: Panorama of the Visual Arts in Venezuela] (Caracas: Galería de Arte Nacional, 1990). Divided [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1051483

  • La dieta de los artefactos
    Rojas, Sergio, 1960-
    This article appeared in Lecciones de cosas. 7 textos postfacio, the catalogue about Quadrivium ad usum Delphini (1998), the installation by Gonzalo Díaz. Drawing on his schooling and experience as a philosopher, Sergio Rojas ponders the [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 735507

  • La incomodidad de una década
    Jarpa, Voluspa, 1971-
    Voluspa Jarpa looks back at her art career in this review of her works and exhibitions. Over the course of a decade, she constructed seven “images” that identify particular exhibitions and the subjects she addressed in her artworks. Her & [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 756150

  • La instauración, entre la instalación y la performance
    Lagnado, Lisette, 1961-
    In this text, art critic Lisette Lagnado develops the concept “instauração” formulated by Tunga as a means to go beyond terms such as “instalação” and/or “performance,” which he deemed inapplicable. In Lagnado’s view, the word “ [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1111435

  • La lección de anatomía : instalación y performance : Dioscórides y Grupo Dedalus : exposición Tránsito
    Pérez, Dioscórides, 1950-
    These documents written by Dioscórides Pérez consist of two texts published in the catalogue Tránsito (2001). Both articles serve as a report on the performance La lección de anatomía (2000), presented by the writer himself, working with the Dé [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1130102

  • La tercera es la vencida : Harte, Pombo, Suárez
    Lebenglik, Fabián
    The article reviews the Harte, Pombo, Suárez III exhibition (Buenos Aires: Fundación Banco Patricios, from November 4–27, 1992). It describes the characteristics of the works presented by each one of the artists—Miguel Harte, Marcelo Pombo, and [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 769281

  • Los antecedentes de las instalaciones en Venezuela
    Römer, Margot, 1938-2005
    In this section of the second chapter of her book La transestética postmoderna (Caracas, 2003), Margot Römer provides a chronological overview of the period that spans from the sixties to the late nineties, pointing out the artists, events, and [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1160679

  • Los nuevos procesos y la representación figurativa
    Vivas, Zuleiva, 1951-
    In the essay “Los nuevos procesos y la representación figurativa” [The New Processes and Figurative Representation], chapter III of the book La desaparición de los límites [The Disappearance of Limits], author Zuleiva Vivas explains the [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1157174

  • María Consuelo García : 5 de octubre de 2009
    Vaca Forero, Jorge Luis, 1985-
    In October, 2009, artist and researcher Jorge Luis Vaca interviewed sculptor María Consuelo García for a research project entitled “Espacio, Tiempo; Movimiento: Análisis de Tres Prácticas en el Arte Colombiano” carried out for the Bogotá- [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1132628

  • Max Pedemonte : aproximación al paisaje
    Niño Araque, William
    This curatorial text by William Niño Araque analyzes the exhibition Max Pedemonte: Muros, templos y ciudadelas (Caracas: Fundación Galería de Arte Nacional, 1994), presenting the work of the sculptor Max Pedemonte. The text is based on an earlier [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1163014

  • Memorias patrióticas de un voyerista
    Marín Arango, Olga
    Olga Marín Arango’s article, “Memorias patrióticas de un voyerista” [Patriotic Memoirs of a Voyeur] was published on November 21, 1997, in the “Cultura/Espectáculos” [Culture and Entertainment] section of the Bogotá newspaper El [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1130308

  • Musa paradisíaca : una video-instalación 1997 [catálogo]
    Restrepo, José Alejandro, 1959-
    In this document, José Alejandro Restrepo ponders the various problems related to the impossibility of accepting an objective interpretation of the nature and culture of Latin America/South America. This meditation starts with the nomenclature given [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 854880

  • Oscar Muñoz
    Herzog, Hans- Michael, 1956-
    This interview covers Óscar Muñoz’s career from the early days in Cali in the late sixties until 2004, the time period that is the focus of interest. Muñoz connects his art with his formation as an artist and with what happened in his native [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 860414

  • Out of Bounds? = ¿Fuera de juego?
    Sánchez, Osvaldo, 1958-
    In this 1997 catalogue essay, the Cuban-Mexican curator Osvaldo Sánchez attempts to characterize the emerging generation of Mexican artists, who came onto the artistic scene following the eruption of neo-mexicanismo [Neo-Mexicanism] in the 1980s. S [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1126742

  • Outside/Inside : art and everyday life in a Latino Barrio
    Aponte-Parés, Luis
    Architect and urban planner, Luis Aponte-Pares, discusses the trends of cities across the nation that have become contested terrains due to the transformation of the urban landscape: from suburbanization to the class and ethnic segregation of [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 842419

  • Pepón Osorio : de puerta en puerta = Pepón Osorio : door to door : San Juan, Puerto Rico 2000-2001
    Osorio, Pepón
    The brochure for de puerta en puerta (door to door), an exhibition curated by Silvia Carman Cubiña of installations by Puerto Rican-born, New York-based artist Pepon Osorio included a biography, a short description of the exhibition, and a write up [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 841805

  • Pepón Osorio : Transboricua
    Herzberg, Julia P.
    These exhibition notes explain RISD’s (Rhode Island School of Art and Design) Art ConText series and artist Pepón Osorio’s work Transboricua. These socially engaged installations originate from his past experiences as a social [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1344071