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  • Revista Imagen
    This document is the first issue of Imagen, a journal of art, literature, and cultural information published every two weeks by the Instituto Nacional de Cultura y Bellas Artes, in Venezuela. This issue offers articles related to cultural events in [...]
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  • Pedro Manrique Figueroa : precursor del “collage” en Colombia : los años cero, los años rosa, los años rojos
    Sanin, Carolina, 1961-; Ospina, Lucas, 1971-
    “Pedro Manrique Figueroa. Precursor del ‘collage’ en Colombia” [Pedro Manrique Figueroa: Harbinger of Collage in Colombia] (1999) consists of an appendix and three sections, as follows: “The Zero Years,” “The Pink Years,” and “The [...]
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  • New Atlantis
    Bacon, Francis
    In this book, Francis Bacon describes a scene in which a ship of Spanish sailors, finding themselves adrift and near death off the coast of Peru, lands on the shore of an unknown island where they are cared for by the government of Bensalem. In the [...]
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  • El realismo en el arte
    Revueltas, José, 1914-1976
    In this long, interesting article, José Revueltas ponders the nature of words, how they are used and how, over time, their meaning changes. As an example, he mentions the expression “épater le bourgeois” [to frighten the bourgeois] that was in [...]
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  • Libero Badii
    Graiver, Bernardo
    Bernardo Graiver, the writer, analyzes the works of Líbero Badii in terms of a work of art concerning human knowledge, inspired by the artist's idea that "the spirit takes physical forms." Graiver reviews Badii's work as though it were either a poem [...]
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  • Prólogo : lector inteligente
    Yunque, Álvaro, 1889-
    Alvaro Yunque’s prologue points out the publication’s conditions, as well as the character of Zogoibi. Novela Humorística [Zogoibi. A Novel of Humor] in relation to Zogoibi by Enrique Larreta and other texts about the latter book [...]
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