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  • ¿Hay problema indígena en México?
    Gamio, Manuel, 1883-1960
    In “¿Hay problema indígena en México?” Mexican writer and anthropologist Manuel Gamio examines the “indigenous problem,” or the question of how to integrate indigenous Mexicans into Mexican society. Gamio argues that the government of the [...]
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  • [A arte decorativa, no Brasil]
    Carvalho, Ronald de, 1893-1935
    In this article, the writer Ronald de Carvalho questions the undeniable presence of foreign styles in the decorative art to be seen in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and suggests using ornamental motifs inspired by Brazilian flora and fauna and native [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 785037

  • A lingua tupy - Plinio Salgado
    Salgado, Plínio, 1895-1975
    Questioning the exhaustion of Western civilization (specifically the European version), and basing his arguments on the psychoanalytic theory of Sigmund Freud—who wrote about the social life of primitive peoples in his book Totem and Taboo— Plí [...]
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  • A pintura corporal e a arte gráfica entre os Kayapó-Xikrin do Cateté
    Vidal, Lux Boelitz, 1930-
    This text by anthropologist Lux Vidal discusses the body painting and graphic art of the Xikrin Indians, a subgroup of the Kayapó ethnicity clustered in the southeastern region of the state of Pará. The text includes forty-five paintings on paper, [...]
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  • A plumária indígena brasileira no Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia da USP
    Dorta, Sonia Ferraro; Cury, Marília Xavier
    This book is about the collections of featherwork at the MAA-USP (Museu de Arte e Arqueologia, da Universidade de São Paulo). The introduction is by the anthropologist Paula Monter; Fernando Mendonça d´Horta provides the [...]
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  • América en peligro de perecer! : El famoso pintor Diego Rivera profetiza la disgregación y la muerte de América si no corrige un yerro
    Rivera, Diego, 1886-1957
    To Diego Rivera, discrimination against Indians is the greatest collective crime of the descendants of the Spanish colonists on the continent. If this situation is not corrected, Latin America will be set on a path to extinction. In this essay, as [...]
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  • Anfänge der Kunst im Urwald : Indianer-Handzeichnungen auf seinen Reisen in Brasilien gesammelt
    Koch-Grünberg, Theodor, 1872-1924
    This is the second edition of the book by Theodor Koch-Grünberg, Anfänge der Kunst im Urwald: Indianer-Handzeichnungen auf seinen Reisen in Brasilien gesammelt [Principles of Art in the Virgin Jungle: A Collection of Indigenous Drawings Assembled [...]
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  • Arte iconográfica Waiãpi
    Gallois, Dominique T. (Dominique Tilkin)
    This essay presents an anthology of drawings by indigenous people collected as part of the aesthetic anthropological studies conducted by Lux Vidal. The anthropologist Dominique Tilkin Gallois, in this essay about the Waiãpi Indians (the [...]
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  • Arte índia
    Ribeiro, Darcy
    This essay by the anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro was published in the História geral da arte no Brasil. The essay includes the following subjects: 1. Introductions: The Indians. Art genres (art on stone, weavings, fabrics, ceramics, and music). [...]
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  • Arte indígena
    Cruls, Gastão, 1888-1959
    This text by Gastão Cruls is outlined as follows: The Visual Arts, Basic Elements and Development; Instruments and Material; Body Adornments; Featherwork; Auxiliary Decoration Elements; Braids and Weaves; Works with Strings of Beads; Artifacts Made [...]
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  • Arte plumária dos índios Kaapor
    Ribeiro, Darcy; Ribeiro, Berta G. (Berta Gleizer)
    This book jointly written by the anthropologists Darcy Ribeiro and his wife Berta G. Ribeiro is about the extremely elaborate feather work produced by the Urubú-Kaapor indigenous people, who are members of the Tupi language branch, and live in [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1110739

  • Arte plumária e máscaras de dança dos índios brasileiros
    Freyre, Gilberto, 1900-1987
    This book by draftsman and watercolorist Noêmia Mourão is one of the very few expressions of interest on the part of Brazilian artists in indigenous crafts, in this case feather work. The book contains reproductions of sixty-nine full-color [...]
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  • Capítulo : Arte : a vontade da beleza
    Ribeiro, Darcy
    This is a chapter from Kadiwéu, the book about the homonymous indigenous group. The chapter, called “Arte: a vontade da beleza” [Art: The Will of Beauty], includes ethnological studies about knowledge, bad luck, and beauty. Here, [...]
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  • Citings (sic) from a Brave New World : The Art of the Other Mexico
    Sorell, V. A. (Victor A.)
    In this review of the exhibition Art of the Other Mexico: Sources and Meanings, Victor Alejandro Sorell writes that the border is the exhibition’s overarching and master trope. The exhibition features works of art by the “greater Mexican [...]
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  • El indio americano y el de México
    Puig Casauranc, José Manuel, 1888-1939
    In “El indio americano y el de México” Mexican politician and doctor José Manuel Puig Casauranc compares the living conditions of indigenous Mexicans to those of the Native Americans of North America that he had observed on a trip to New Mexico [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 737324

  • Em outros tempos e nos tempos atuais : arte indígena = Native arts : in the past and nowadays
    Velthem, Lucia Hussak van
    The exhibition Artes indígenas was held in São Paulo in 2000 as one of the events commemorating 500 years since the discovery of Brazil by Europeans. The catalogue includes the text by Lúcia Hussak van Velthen, one of the exhibition curators, [...]
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  • Exposição V. Rego Monteiro
    Monteiro Lobato
    The writer Monteiro Lobato reports that the exhibition of watercolors by Vicente do Rego Monteiro was well-received because it consisted of drawings rather oil paintings. He is hard-pressed to describe the genre that the artist from Pernambuco works [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1085207

  • Índios de Mato Grosso
    Freundt, Erich
    This is a book by Erich Freundt on featherware, face painting, memorial services, hunting scenes, ceramics, and carved wooden dolls of three ethnic groups from the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, which he had visited between 1939 and 1942. The [...]
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  • Introdução
    Baldus, Herbert, 1899-1970
    In this critical bibliography, German ethnologist Herbert Baldüs compiles 1,785 entries on works related to indigenous themes in Brazil, works that were published from the mid-16th century to the early fifties of the 20th century. Baldüs [...]
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  • Introdução
    Ribeiro, Berta G. (Berta Gleizer)
    Anthropologist Berta G. Ribeiro, along with museologist Adalgiza Bonfim d´Eça, a specialist in indexation systems, compiled this enormous dictionary of indigenous crafts in Brazil. The publication contains the following chapters: 1. Ceramics; 2. [...]
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  • La escuela y el indio
    Cosío Villegas, Daniel, 1898-1976
    In “La escuela y el indio,” Mexican writer Daniel Cosio Villegas responds to a report published by Professor Moisés Sáenz on the state of rural schools in the Sierra de Puebla. In the report, Saénz identified a high rate of illiteracy among [...]
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  • La inconsciencia moral del indígena
    Guzmán, Martín Luis
    “La inconsciencia moral del indígena,” by Mexican writer Martín Luis Guzmán, published in the periodical El Universal in 1921, is a response to a previous article by Francisco Bulnes, a Mexican intellectual and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs [...]
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  • La notion de personne. La peinture corporelle chez les Kayapó. Les hommes-oiseaux. Toi et toi seul peut porter ma parure. Catalogue raisonné
    Verswijver, Gustaaf; Vidal, Lux Boelitz, 1930-
    This volume contains three essays on the feather art of the Mekrãgnoti tribe, a subgroup of the Kayapó people. The first, “La notion de personne. La peinture corporelle chez les Kayapó” [Body Painting Among the Kayapó: The Concept of Person [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1110745

  • Las pretendidas razas inferiores de México
    Gamio, Manuel, 1883-1960
    In “Las pretendidas razas inferiores de México,” published in El Universal in 1921, Mexican anthropologist Manuel Gamio responds to a previous article published in the same periodical by Francisco Bulnes, a Mexican intellectual and the Secretary [...]
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  • Las razas indígenas mexicanas y sus estadistas ante el problema de la existencia de la Patria
    Bulnes, Francisco
    “Las razas indígenas mexicanas y sus estadistas ante el problema de la existencia de la Patria,” was written in 1921 by Francisco Bulnes, a Mexican intellectual and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs under President Porfirio Díaz. In the article [...]
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  • Las razas inferiores son funestas en el trabajo libre
    Bulnes, Francisco
    “Las razas inferiores son funestas en el trabajo libre,” published in the periodical El Universal in 1921, was written by Francisco Bulnes, a Mexican intellectual and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs under President Porfirio Díaz. In the article [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 737276

  • Legendes, croyances et talismans des indiens de l’amazone
    This book illustrated in detail by painter Vicente do Rego Monteiro explores the legends, beliefs, and talismans of Amazonian natives. The artist offers vignettes, drawings of symbols, and illustrations based on indigenous motifs. It was published in [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 785164

  • Mitopoemas Yãnomam
    Andujar, Claudia; Bardi, P. M. (Pietro Maria), 1900-1999
    This is a research project published by Claudia Andújar as well as a large-format art book with a trilingual text (Portuguese, Italian, and English). The book is illustrated with drawings made with felt tip pens by Koromani Waika, Mamokè Rorowè, [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1110746

  • O mundo dos MEHINÁKU e suas representações visuais
    Costa, Maria Heloisa Fénelon
    This publication by anthropologist Maria Heloisa Fénelon Costa encompasses the following sections: Introduction; I. Drawing; II. The World’s Beings; III. Supernatural; IV. Animals- Iconography. The Mehináku Classification of the World and [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1110747

  • O sentido moderno do Brasil
    This is the text of the editorial that was published in the sixth issue of Movimento Brasileiro magazine; it describes Brazilian modernism as the “expressive outpouring of a new country” rather than an artistic and literary undertaking. The [...]
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  • Rompiendo las cadenas nace la esperanza: Dedicacion del mural
    Latin American Defense Organization (Chicago, Ill.)
    This is the program for the dedication of three murals in the Puerto Rican neighborhood of Humboldt Park in Chicago. The murals were painted by artists and community residents during the summer of 1971 and speak about their history and the problems [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 840855

  • Speakeasy
    Bertoncini, Deanna
    In this commentary, Deanna Bertoncini, the founder and executive director of the Latino Arts Coalition and Gallery in Chicago, critiques the terms “Latino” and “Hispanic” as applied to the work of Latin American and Latino artists and with [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 801999

  • Tayngava, a noção de representação na arte gráfica Asurini do Xingu
    Müller, Regina Polo
    This study in aesthetic anthropology by Regina Polo Müller revolves around the following topics: 1. Supports and techniques in drawing: artistic style; 2. Techniques and style in drawing; 3. “Tayngava”: pattern, image, replica of the human form [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1110748

  • Um olhar que aprisiona o outro: o retrato do índio e o papel do fotojornalismo na revista O Cruzeiro
    Costa, Helouise
    In this text, Helouise Costa analyzes articles on indigenous questions published in the magazine O Cruzeiro from 1943 to 1954, a question she then brings to bear on the medium of photojournalism. Following the use and manipulation of images and of [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1110928

  • Vanishing Amazon
    Ricciardi, Mirella
    This is the photographic documentation for the written texts about three ethnic groups in northern Brazil: the Kampa (in Acre state), the Marubo (Amazonas state), and the Yanomami (Amazonas and Roraima states). The author is the Franco-Italian [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1110749