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  • Casa Aztlán: Focus of Cultural Expression in the Midwest
    Zavala, Antonio
    This article introduces readers to Casa Aztlán, a Latino social services center and cultural organization founded in Chicago in 1970, and widely known in the Midwest for its cultural programs. It describes Casa Aztlán’s location in Chicago’s [...]
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  • Director's Statement
    Capote, Melody
    On the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Caribbean Cultural Center, Melody Capote, the executive director, states the pertinence of concluding the first twenty-five years of the institution with the work of visual artist Manuel Vega. [...]
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  • La Sociedad Estímulo frente al despojo de su sede
    This flyer explains the trajectory of the Sociedad Estímulo de Bellas Artes [Society for the Fostering of Fine Arts], especially with regard to the lawsuit it filed against the City Hall of Buenos Aires in 1962. The text points out that a 1937 law [...]
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  • [En tiempos veloces las apuestas se deben medir en períodos breves]
    Lebenglik, Fabián
    The text describes the Galería del Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas as a “a mental place that presents the art that tunes in exactly with the current times,” mentioning that, “in spite of having a joke of a budget, the Rojas space became a [...]
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  • El Rojas
    Gumier Maier, Jorge, 1953-
    The text narrates, as it explains, how the Galería del Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas was born; the main traits of the works and artists that it housed; the support and enthusiasm received from the first moments by already acclaimed artists such as [...]
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